How to workout on the go... exercises to do anywhere

9 September 2018

I’m often asked how I keep up with my fitness goals when I’m constantly travelling (as my darling Grandad said, I catch a plane like catching a bus, far too regularly for his liking!)
So this means making sure I workout on the go.

Need to workout on the go? Here’s how...

Of course I can’t exactly get out my yoga mat on the plane and start stretching (although I do have a yoga instructor friend that does!) But I make sure I keep moving when I travelled the East Coast of Australia with my sister I did squats at the side of the road during breaks in the bus journey, and sit ups in the hostel. Yes my sister did slightly disown me but did I care? Not a bit. If you’re a fitness bunny or a wellness junkie, you’re all about doing what’s best for you and your body.

However, as much as I love working out, I no longer revolve my life around it. I used to run every morning without fail and would get extreme anxiety if I didn’t. When I got an injury which meant I couldn’t run for months, I walked instead, which used to bore me I found it pointless and not challenging enough. But, in time, this injury became a blessing.

Why? Well, I’d always thought if I didn’t run every day I’d gain weight, but I didn’t. Walking meant I was moving my body but not pushing it beyond its limits. Now I appreciate walking more than anything. It’s one of those exercises you can do anywhere and take your loved ones with you, too.

Wherever I travel, before I leave or when I arrive, I walk and explore. And yes, I count this as a workout. I’ve also upped my yoga, something again I used to think was pointless and not challenging enough, which I was very wrong about. I follow a 30-minute flow from Asana Rebel and end up getting a sweat on with burning muscles; it really is a workout.

Sometimes if I check into a hotel with a gym, I do a HIIT session, but I’ve found I’m doing this less and less. Moving my body by exploring and walking, taking the stairs, carrying shopping and stretching morning and night are all forms of a workout and quite powerful ones at that. The beauty of these are that not only are they easy anywhere in the world, it means I never miss a view.

What workouts do you do on the go? Don’t forget to let me know and tag me @camilleknowles.


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