A winter walk... good for the body, mind and soul

26 December 2018

Hey angels, I hope you had the most magical Christmas yesterday. Mine was full of love, food and family time, and even more food! So today I will be getting myself on a beautiful winter walk with the family.

Since relocating to Palma, it’s made me truly appreciate the nature and countryside of my family home in England. And although we Brits love to moan about the weather, there’s something so beautiful about a clear, crisp winter’s day. I love to wrap up warm and get moving, especially if I haven’t done a lot the day before.

The benefits of a winter walk

Lots of us spend Christmas Day cooped up, often with lots of people in the house and the heating blasting out. Which, let me tell you, is not a great environment for keeping dry skin at bay! Of course one day isn’t going to hurt, and who doesn’t love spending Christmas stuffing their faces and just generally relaxing with their loved ones?

But on Boxing Day, instead of heading to the sales why not take a long and lovely walk? It’s far less stressy than fighting your way through all those people, and it will clear your head and leave you feeling fresh, alive and invigorated. And walking’s free, unlike the sales!

Grab some willing friends or family, wrap up in your scarves, hats and gloves and get your blood pumping. Whether you live in the town or the country, there are always lots of fab places to go you could do it all properly and map your route, or do as I like to and just go where your feet take you. I used to think walking was boring but I’ve completely changed my mind! It’s healthy, can be as sociable or solitary as you like, and is one of the best ways to simply keep your body moving.

I don’t need to remind you how good exercise and eco-therapy is for your skin, and that’s something you need to be thinking about all year round. And when you get home from your walk you’ll have earned your evening snuggling up by the fire!


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Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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