Winter exercise: keep on moving

28 November 2018

Okay lovelies, we all know working out and winter exercise is tough. Our mornings and evening are darker, the days are getting colder and unless you’re on the other side of the world ready to embrace summer, then this blog is for you.

My favourite ways to keep up the winter exercise

I’m really not a fan of winter. It’s so dark and gloomy all the time! Personally, I love the light, and it’s much easier to jump out of bed when the sun is shining.

But I do know that a winter workout will make me feel better. And I also know that if I let my exercise routine go then it starts to make me feel dull and sluggish... which is when I’m then at risk of a flare-up. So to keep your skin fresh and glowing, it really is important to keep on move.

Winter fitness tips:

Yoga. This is perfect during winter, as it gets you moving in a gentle way and can be done indoors in the comfort of your own home. Winter can be stressy with Christmas craziness, so it’s important to listen to your body, slow down and flow. I love the Asana Rebel app and do a yoga flow morning and evening during winter. It needn’t take long sometimes I just do five minutes but it calms my mind, gets my body moving and makes me feel the zen!

Dancing to uplifting music. You don’t even need a workout app for this! I love to put on my favourite music and dance around my room while I get ready. It creates positive energy, gets my body flowing and helps me have a happier, more creative day. And it’s fun! It’s pretty hard to feel low when you’re dancing around to your favourite tunes! Christmas parties are great for dancing too hit the dancefloor whenever you can and not only are you enjoying yourself, you’re getting exercise and you’re away from the buffet and the bar. You might want to be a little more restrained than when you’re dancing in your room but that’s up to you!

Walking. Instead of worrying about doing long runs in the dark with a high-vis jacket I just make sure I walk whenever possible. It’s easier than you might think. Take the stairs instead of a lift, walk instead of a taxi. In fact, it’s the easiest way to fit a workout into your day without even realising it.

Staying warm at winter doesn’t just mean wrapping up in a blanket although I love doing that too. Keeping fit and healthy is a great way to keep your dry skin under control during the colder months.


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Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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