Winter sensitive skin... preparing your skin for winter

28 October 2018

Winter sensitive skin can take a little more tlc than in the sunnier weather. Summer is easy to love, with long days, light nights and lots of sunshine (well, there certainly has been this year!) But we don’t want to write off the rest of the year while we’re waiting for summer to come back around. I like to find the beauty in each season, the colours of autumn, the greenshoots and blossom of spring. And the chance to snuggle up and get cosy in winter.

Winter sensitive skin: avoiding a flare up

Anyone with sensitive skin knows that sun really helps your skin it’s why I love to travel to sunny climes. So it stands to reason that during winter we need to take extra care to avoid a flare up and keep your skin soft, supple and glowing.

Here are my top tips for winter skin care:

Invest in some good-quality gloves. Your hands can be very exposed to the elements and become dry and cracked easily, so keep them covered up wherever you can.

Carry a moisturiser with you at all times. Keep one in your bag, so if you’re out for longer than you expected you can top up.

Try a thicker moisturiser

Remember to take your probiotics to keep your gut healthy this keeps you feeling more balanced in general.

Enjoy lots of warming drinks. I love trying different teas in winter, or you could make a warm juice of lemon, apple, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon it’s really delicious, I promise!

Get plenty of sleep. I always find I go into hibernation mode in winter, so I go with my body and try to get some extra sleep, a wonderful winter sensitive skin treatment.

Travel less and enjoy your routine more. It’s tempting to chase some winter sun which is fine! but try not to be zooming about here there and everywhere, as it can be exhausting. Winter is a great time for getting into some daily routines.

Curl up by the fire. The Scandinavian word ‘hygge’ means loving a cosy, simple and contented life, and I love to embrace it, especially in winter. Getting cosy in the evenings by the fire is a perfect way to do this.

Enjoy warming soups and stews. Winter is all about comfort food, but that doesn’t mean junk food! Tasty, nutritious soups and stews packed with delicious veg make you feel warm from the inside out.

Write in your gratitude journal. If you find yourself a bit low during winter, you can focus on your positives by writing in your journal, boosting your optimism and outlook.

Happy winter!


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