My trip of a lifetime to beautiful Bali

10 April 2019

So lovelies, a question for you. If I gave you a plane ticket today, where would you go on your trip of a lifetime? Up until a little while ago my answer would have always been instant Bali! And I’m so so so lucky because recently I took a trip there.

The place of my dreams was definitely a dream come true and then some. It didn’t just live up to my expectations, it was so much better than anything I could have ever imagined. Beautiful, scenic, serene... sheer perfection.

And I was in good company, too. My boyfriend Baz was there with his friend, my soul sister from another mister Vanessa has moved out there with my other soul sister Jessie and my best friend Chloe was with us too. Sooooo amazing to have my crew all together in such a fantastic place.

My top things to do in Bali

So, what’s so love about Bali (apart from everything ha ha!)? Well, I literally love, love, love how healthy the food is, vegetarian food in Bali is everywhere, and being gluten and dairy free out there is no big deal and they cater really well for all kinds of nutritional needs. There were raw deserts and kombucha in every place we visited!

Café Organic was one of our favourites. Vegetarian meals made with fresh, local ingredients... absolute bliss. Their smoothie bowls are to die for, and the salads were so delicious eaten in the beautiful Bali sunshine.

If you’re ever in Bali, it’s a must to visit La Brisa. It’s based on Echo Beach and is lively and happening, everything is fresh and sustainable and local, and I just wanted to keep going back over and over again.

The Shady Shack is also on Echo Beach, it’s a gorgeous haven of calm and greenery, lots of delicious vegetarian and vegan food. Do you know something, I spent such a lot of time in Bali eating! But it was all the kind of food that keep my skin healthy and glowing so who cares?!

While we were over there, I did tons and tons of yoga. Baz and I even did some couple’s yoga, which we both loved! And I got in some yoga sessions with Chloe, too. We went to Samadi Bali Yoga, which is a wellness centre which specialises in Ashtanga yoga. OMG it’s so gorgeous there, an inspiring venue to really get your flow on.

The waterfalls in Bali are absolutely stunning. I mean I can’t even begin to describe to you how amazing they are. We visited the Tengenungan Waterfall, which was actually about as close to heaven on earth as I think you could find. We also took a trip out to the rice fields in Ubud, which I would definitely recommend.

Our hotel was also brilliant (it was all brilliant!). We stayed at the Como Hotel in Canggu, which is on the ocean front. We had such awesome views, I could have just sat and watched the waves all day. In fact, I did a fair bit of that, Baz loves to surf so while he and his friends hit the water I relaxed on the beach with my book and did some meditation. This meant getting up VERY early some days but it was so special to watch the sunrise that it was so worth it.

A big tip I’d give you if you ever visit Bali is to try the GoJek app you can order a car, order food from a café... it’s brilliant and really does make life easier.

Bali is famous for the film Eat Pray Love, with Julia Roberts’ character visiting there as part of her quest to find peace (and where she finds love). I love the character of Ketut in the film, and it inspired me to go to visit a traditional Balinese healer. She was incredible, with a really great energy she suggested I find a hot spring to help my skin, perfect. I also had some crystal healing done, which I’ve never tried before. I loved it all part of my mission for a calmer and healthier life.

Bali is a magical place, there are really good vibes everywhere and everyone is so friendly. It’s been wonderful to spend time in nature, see my friends and do some serious chilling in such beautiful surroundings. I’d move there tomorrow!

So, where would you go if I gave you a plane ticket? Let me know @camilleknowles


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