Travelling home for Christmas

25 November 2018

Lots of us hit the roads, rails, seas and skies as we journey home for Christmas to be with our friends and family for the festive season. Whether you’re heading home from uni or taking some time out from work, the chances are you’ll be travelling at some point.

And travelling and eczema aren’t always best friends. Planning routes, booking tickets, packing... it can all be stressful, at what is already a stress time of year. Add to that the fact you’ve probably been out more, eating less healthily, drinking more... and if you’re not careful you could be in for a flare up.

As with everything eczema related, the trick is in the planning. A little organisation can go a very long way when it comes to your skin.

Here are my top tips travelling home for Christmas:

1. Plan ahead. Book your train or plane tickets, or plan your car journey route, well upfront. Don’t leave it till the night before! Once you know exactly when you’re going and how to get there that’s the first hurdle jumped.

2. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Get plenty of rest the night before you travel especially if you’re going a long way, or into a different time zone. And if you’re on a train or a plane, try to get some shut eye then, too.

3. Snack wisely. It can be tempting to pick at fatty snacks on a journey, or buy high-calorie products at airports and service stations. Pack yourself a little snack picnic box with dates and hummus and veg sticks (or your own favourite healthy snacks) so you can keep the hunger away more healthily!

4. Stay hydrated. Water is important all the time, but if you’re travelling you can be subjected to all kinds of air conditioning, heating, altitude... so keep topping your water bottle up to keep you (and your skin) nice and hydrated.

Safe travels.


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Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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