Tips for travelling with eczema

24 October 2018

Travelling with eczema can be tricky, but there are lots of ways to manage your condition. I love to travel. Just taking off to a new destination, or an old favourite, always makes me feel happy. Seeing the world, exploring, visiting friends and searching out the sun... to me, it’s what life is all about.

But having eczema means I have to be careful, otherwise travelling can result in a flare up. The pressurised cabin of a plane can dehydrate my skin, leaving it dry and itchy. Long-haul flights can also play havoc with my sleeping patterns something I have discovered can also contribute to flare ups.

My top tips for travelling with eczema

Of course this doesn’t mean no more travel. Quite the opposite I’m always jetting off somewhere. But I just take a little extra care. Here are my top 8 tips for a skin-safe journey:

1. Keep moving. I like to do a yoga flow to get my blood pumping. This is important both before and after your flight but try not to sit down for the whole journey either. If it’s possible, walk up and down the aisle and keep stretching your legs.

2. Read an uplifting book. I find reading on a journey takes my mind off a long flight, and helps me stay calm and balanced.

3. Keep hydrated. This is essential for everyone but especially eczema sufferers. Once you’re through security get yourself a big bottle of water for the flight. I sometimes add a few electrolyte drops to mine for an extra hydrating boost.

4. Eat before your flight. If this isn’t feasible (if your flight is at 2am!) then prepare your own food box. Aeroplane food might not be great for your skin, and this way you know you’re getting all the nutrients you need.

5. Take travel probiotics. These help to keep your gut healthy, which can help you feel much more balanced in general.

6. Stay calm and positive. Stress is a big factor in a flare up, and panicking about tickets and check in etc can all add to this. Once you’re on board, breathe deeply, relax and maybe listen to some guided meditation.

7. Get plenty of sleep. I always find a sleep mask helps when I’m on a flight.

8. Take a self-care package. You don’t need to arrive looking and feeling drained or dull. I usually take lavender oil, a crystal, colloidal silver, a mini cleanser and moisturiser and hydration eye gels. Just remember what you can and can’t take through security!

So these are my top tips for keeping your skin healthy even when you’re taking long flights. I hope they work for you too!


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