Think big... why this year has taught me dreams can come true

27 December 2019

Can you believe another year is already coming to an end? It feels like it’s literally flown past. But when I pause and look back, I can see how much I’ve actually packed in. It has been a time to think big, think positive and make it happen. It’s been a fantastic year of creative product launches and I thought it would be good to stop, look back and remind you of some of them. There’s nothing wrong with some reflection, if it’s a celebration rather than a regret. And this lovely is definitely a celebration!

Think big... dream big... and live a life beyond sensitive skin

For me this year has been all about building a solid foundation for my business, The Beauty of Eczema™, connecting all of us warriors together and creating some beautiful tools to take us on our magical journey to a life beyond sensitive skin.

I’ve been so proud to watch my business baby grow from strength to strength, and the best part is receiving all of your daily direct messages telling me how my story has changed your lives. It’s why I’m doing this.

I know you often see me on social media, doing my thing on Instagram and posting my YouTube videos, but there’s always so much going on behind the scenes too! It’s a busy, bustling environment for me and the team, and I love it.

Here are some of the real standout moments of the year for me:

Positive Vibes Affirmation Cards

My Affirmation Cards launched way back in January, which I can’t believe! I do love doing daily affirmations, but I also know it can sometimes be hard to simply think positive thoughts or force yourself into the right mindset. These cards can be popped into your handbag to use at any time of day, and I spent a long time figuring out just the right messages to put on them. I love them and I hope you do too.

Positive Scribes Journal

Keeping a journal is a great way to check in with yourself, giving you some focus on the HOPE principles and helping you look at anything in your lifestyle which can cause a flare up. I’ll be honest, I’ve never found one that fully worked for me, I always ended up making tweaks here and there. So in February, I decided to create one for us all! My Positive Scribes journal is perfect for us warriors, with tips, quotes, a self-care routine, a fab skincare recipe, plus morning and evening reflections. There are spaces for you to note down your sleep, fitness and food patterns, gratitudes, affirmations and general musings. It’s a great tool to help you with your own visioning, thinking about any changes you can make or what is working well for you.

The Beauty of Eczema e-book

Writing this book was so cathartic, and helped me see just how far I’d come, from feeling that eczema was ruling and ruining my life to discovering ways to live with it, and ultimately beyond it. I was so happy to be able to share my HOPE principles with you all, for us to understand that there are ways to support our bodies and our minds during a flare up, and to live our lives to the full. My e-book launched in August, reaching even more people across the world we truly are a global team of warriors now!

The Beauty of Eating Well

I trained as a natural chef and have always loved experimenting with food and recipes. But for a long time I had an awful relationship with food, I avoided so many things as I thought they would make my eczema worse. But really, all that happened was that I was miserable. Writing The Beauty of Eating Well™ was so much fun, as I got to create and share some fabulous recipes with you all. The strapline to the book is ‘How to eat from a place of joy and achieve glowing skin’ and it really has made me realise how much pleasure we can get from eating good food. All the recipes are free from dairy, eggs, gluten and refined sugar, and they are full of colour, flavour, passion and goodness.

The Beauty of Eczema bathing range

The year has finished pretty much perfectly with this. I’ve been working on these bathing products all year to make sure they are all as fabulous as they can be. I even worked with an award-winning cosmetic scientist to help me find the right bespoke formulation, the personalised packaging is ‘imperfectly perfect’ and I am so incredibly proud they have come to life and are available to purchase on Amazon. They are honestly everything I have ever dreamt of creating, a beautiful balance of nature, science and, of course, HOPE. I became tired of products for eczema feeling and looking so clinical - so while these are suitable for us warriors they are gorgeously packaged in stunning pink, and feel like a wonderful pampering treat.

My products are:

* For sensitive skin and suitable for eczema prone skin
* Dermatologically tested
* Vegan
* Cruelty free
* Over 97.8% natural origin in all products, some at a high of 99.8%
* Full of scientifically proven ingredients
* Available on Amazon

You can learn more about the products and purchase these on Amazon UK here (soon to launch on Amazon USA/EU):

Skin Warrior Wash
Pamper Me Bathing Oil
Salty Soother

A year to remember...

Behind the scenes, The Beauty of Eczema™ team have been working their socks off. From the creation of all wonderful things I’ve described above, to all the free content shared across our social channels and emails, it’s been a busy but magical journey. We are so proud to say we have filled up our P for Purpose principle in full and also S for Support in the creation of the warrior tribe.

Recently, I found my old notebooks from when I dreamt about this business years ago. I had all my old scribbles of exactly what I wanted to create from the website look, to the books written and even my own skincare line... it all felt so far away but now it is real. So I’m the living proof never ever give up on your dreams, they will come to life with hard work and patience.

Thank you so much for being part of The Beauty of Eczema™ journey, we love having you as part of the beautiful tribe and together we can all live our best life beyond eczema.


If you haven’t already, then I’d love you to join my tribe. If you’re ready to start living a life beyond sensitive skin, start your free membership today. You’ll get loads of tips and advice to help keep your skin healthy and glowing.

You can also get the first chapter of my book absolutely FREE, and discover some of the products I’ve created just for you!

Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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