The power of positive thinking

7 October 2018

The power of positive thinking really is a wonderful thing. Sitting on a flight to a wedding in Paris with my sister, I was feeling a little frazzled. I’d woken up early and was nervous about the occasion ahead. Of course I was looking forward to it, but long days of socialising, lots of drinking and being unable to control my food do make me worry.

Choosing a positive attitude

However, I know myself well enough now to understand my mindset is only going to make matters better or worse. So I choose OPTIMISIM.

That morning, I’d woken feeling a bit grouchy. So I jumped out of bed, went into another
room and thought of everything I have been grateful for this week. Everything I am grateful for my sister for. The frustrated exhaustion started to turn into calm positivity. My positive mindset made a huge difference.

I decided to actively smile more and stay calm travelling to the airport. Not make such a fuss of my skin, the food I was eating or how tired I was. After all, I was embarking on an adventure with my sister, making memories that will last a life time.

I then decided to reflect on everything I HAD done to care for myself this week:

1. Optimism. I made a new vision board on my journey to France! Ready and focused to create my dream life.

2. Exercise. I didn’t make it to the gym once. But Rochelle and I walked or went on a bike ride most days. We always kept our bodies moving!

3. Sister time. I love Rochelle so much. We are very different and have little tiffs with each another but nobody knows the other better than we do. In fact, we can’t stay angry at one another very long, maybe a couple of minutes and we start laughing. She pulls me to live life in the moment and I have been inspiring her with my business. I almost feel we’ve had a role swap. Shell has always been my girl boss inspiration, all I can say to that is watch her space 😉

4. Eating well. Okay, we didn’t drink green juices all day long, or avoid anything in particular (apart from my intolerances gluten and dairy). We had a good balance. The odd glass of red vino, maybe a few too many bars of raw chocolate (oops), acai bowls and fresh salads. I guess we did eat really well. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in perfection that get frustrated when I feel I’ve fallen off track. But actually, as I have to keep reminding myself, there is no such thing as perfection and a balanced meal in good company is better than the ‘cleanest meal’ eaten alone.

5. Purpose. Lucky for me I can work from anywhere (hurray!). This was always my life goal. My best friends are global, so settling for a job in one location where I could maybe see one of them a year was totally out of the question. I have been filming lots of YouTube content for you guys and having evening Zoom calls with my incredible team. We stormed ahead that week and I felt so so proud to be on this journey with them. I pinch myself daily.

6. Home. Finally I got some sleep! Before I left for the week at my home in France, I was freaking out. I had stopped sleeping, lacked personal space and starting scratching in my sleep again. The worst feeling in the world for a dry skin sufferer. Not only that, it made me feel helpless and weak. I started to truly hate myself and avoid the mirror. It was bad, and I was worried. HOWEVER, soon as I got to my home in France. It was like a weight had lifted off my shoulders. I felt a sense of peace, belonging and love for myself. I was grateful I was staying in a peaceful place near the sea, where I feel happiest. All my self doubt turned back into a strong sense of belief. My environment really affects my sensitive skin and after two days of being in France I was back. Sleeping like a baby again!

7. Eco therapy. I had bathed in the salty sea most days. Even with a buzzing head, it helped me float away in my mind and just ‘be’. Words can’t express how much I love the sea. I find it not only healing for my skin, but for my mind and soul too! I love the quote “I soak in the sea to get back to me”.

8. Pampered. I pampered with all my natural sun care products and natural make-up, leaving me feeling totally soothed.

After writing this I now feel I AM energised, I AM well, and I AM glowing for this wedding! It’s no magic when I bounce back from a flare up. I have key principles which I stick to and they really work for me. As you can see, they are just little decisions that you integrate into your day. They can not only change the condition of your skin, but improve your happiness and self love too!

Remember, “You are just one positive thought away from changing your life”.

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