Stress free Christmas shopping: you can do it!

21 November 2018

For me, a big part of keeping my eczema under control is managing my stress levels. But when Christmas is coming, it can sometimes be easier said than done! How can we manage some stress free Christmas shopping?

So often I wake up thinking ‘Have I bought this?’ or ‘What can I get for them’ or ‘Camille you’ve only got a week left and you haven’t written your cards or wrapped anything up’ while I do love Christmas, it can be a stressful time of the year.

My top tips for stress free Christmas shopping:

Make lots of lists. Remember when you were little and you wrote your list for Santa? Well now you’re grown up you need a list for yourself! It’s lovely to browse the shops and spot things your family and friends might like, but you don’t want to be aimless. Having at least some ideas for what to get will help you keep focused.

Shop online. This is great if you know exactly what you want to buy, as you don’t even need to get out of your pyjamas to do it! Just make sure you start early and check delivery dates I’ve been caught out before with things arriving after Christmas.

Make your shopping fun. I love to meet with friends for a healthy lunch to break up the day, or sometimes we all shop together. Whatever you can do to make shopping less a chore and more a fun activity, the less stressed you’ll be.


Treat yourself. If you spy something along the way you fancy for yourself, why not treat yourself to it? Or add it to your own list for friends and family to get for you. Christmas is about giving, but remember to give to yourself too.

Enjoy a massage. Maybe this is best left for the end of the day, otherwise you’ll be floating round the shops in a dream! But often after a day of noisy, busy shops, it’s perfect to unwind with a gentle, relaxing massage to ease away your tensions.

Go Secret Santa. If you’re meeting with groups of friends, why not do a Secret Santa? Everyone buys for one person and you set a budget. That way, you’re not breaking the bank or scouring the shops for dozens of gifts for all and sundry.

Explore the shops. It’s all too easy to find a few places you like and stick to them. But often little independent stores are down side streets or off the beaten track. Even better, go to a different town or city you’ll be less tempted to just go to the department stores, and can enjoy wandering and exploring as you shop.

Christmas for eczema sufferers can be hard. Cold weather and central heating can cause flare ups, and the added stress of shopping doesn’t help. Following my top tips can help you find the fun in the festive season again!

Happy shopping!


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