Social media and body image... how to avoid the pitfalls

22 May 2019

Social media is great, I love love love Instagram in particular. But social media and body image can sometimes be negatively connected, and I am here to turn that around!

And while I’m at it, can I just banish the phrase ‘bikini body’ forever please? You have a body you can wear a bikini, there are no criteria for being able to wear a two piece on the beach or for swimming. Right, now I’ve established that, let’s move on...

The truth about social media and body image

Hands up who takes a pic and puts it straight onto social media? Hmm, I can’t see many hands there! Because let’s be honest, most of us take a fair few shots before we get one that we’re happy to show to the world.

Self esteem and confidence can be easily knocked. It used to be glossy magazines and airbrushing, but add in Photoshop and the impact of social media and suddenly there are waaaaay too many ways for a girl to compare herself unfavourably to others.

But remember that in the same way you are vetting everything you put on social media, so is everyone else. You know that girl who always looks effortlessly perfect? It’s taken her hours to get that ‘natural’ shot. The celeb whose skin glows so much you could cry? Remember, most of these are taken by professional photographers with the right equipment, lighting, filters, and they’ve probably been given the perfect makeover by a qualified make-up artist.

I’ll hold my hands up here. I can look like I’ve got it all together on Instagram, and I have my share of swimwear shots on there. Partly because I’ve been lucky enough to go to some super brilliant sunny places lately hello Palma, Dubai and Bali and partly because I have spent so long covering up and hiding my skin away I’m here now to say hello world! But if you head on over to my YouTube channel you will find some extremely candid images on there of me when my dry skin was at its worst.

Believe me it was incredibly difficult to share these with the world. It was so hard to look back on those dark days and see just how bad my skin had become. I was so depressed and miserable, it really was awful.

But I’m not just here to show my skin when it’s looking at its best. I’m a proud warrior and it was important to me to show you all myself at my worst, as well as at my best.

Can I let you into a secret? Before I went on my holiday to Dubai I’d had a flare up and I was feeling pretty down in the dumps. I was self conscious and back to feeling like I wanted to hide under the covers.

But these days, I know the techniques for getting through this. Using my HOPE principles, I turned things around so even though my skin didn’t look good at the time, I knew I was healing on the inside.

Social media is hard enough for us girls to navigate at the best of times, but throw in a dry skin flare up and seeing all those picture-perfect selfies are enough to have you running for the hills. But next time you’re adding your filters or carefully selecting your shot, just remember that’s just what everyone else is doing too!


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