The importance of self care

11 November 2018

We often hear the words ‘self care’, or read them in magazine articles. Or blogs like this one! But it’s such a personal thing that it can often be difficult to get across what it truly means. What I think it is might not be your thing at all. And that’s the key. Finding your own meaning of self care, and applying it to your life every single day.

A daily ritual of self care

Yes every day. Taking care of yourself is absolutely crucial for living a life beyond eczema. To be the best friend, mother, daughter, girlfriend we can, first we need to fill up our own cup then overflow onto others.

I used to think this was selfish. But I’ve learnt that in fact, it’s the complete opposite. Caring for ourselves should be at the top of our list, not the bottom. But when you’re busy, it’s too easy to lose sight of that. So you have to schedule in time to take care of yourself, just the same as you would a business meeting or a lunch date.

At first it might feel weird saying ‘Right, now I’m going to have some time for myself’. But honestly, why not?! I often say to myself ‘Camille, you make time for your friends, for your boyfriend, for your family, so now you have to make time for you’. And surely that makes perfect sense?

Once you’ve set some time aside, it’s all about making another to-do list, this time of all the things you can do to make yourself feel amazing. It could be really simple, like reading a favourite book or watching a TV programme. Or it could be a lovely soak in a long bath, booking in a beauty treatment or buying that item you’ve been eyeing up for ages. Taking yourself on a spa date is a great idea, too, time out just for you.

But really it’s about whatever makes you relaxed and happy. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s for you and it’s whatever fills your cup. And the real magic happens when you apply this to your life every single day.

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Lots of love, Camille xx

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