Say yes to your life... why I love micro adventures

13 November 2019

Do you ever find yourself saying no just because it’s easier? Well, here I want to talk about why I think you should say yes to your life. It means adventures. Mini adventures. Or even micro adventures.

How to say yes to your life more often...

We all love a holiday, don’t we? Or a night out with friends and family, or some time off work. They’re pretty easy things to say yes to. But then we return to our lives and it can sometimes feel a bit humdrum in between times. When someone asks if you want to try a new exercise class, you might think “That sounds great! Oh, but it’s on Mondays and that’s near the start of the week and I have to get up early the next day and I might be tired...” so what you say is “no thanks” and end up going home and sitting in front of the TV all night.

But trying something new is a brilliant way to introduce some micro adventures into your life. By this, I mean small things that add a bit of novelty into your daily routine. And they really can be anything! First, you need to work on your mindset.

Mix up your routine

Here’s the thing. There’s nothing wrong in itself with routine. In fact, many of us need it to drive us, and I know I follow lots of the same rituals every day (hello hot water and lemon each morning). This isn’t about stopping doing the things you enjoy. It’s about opening up your mind and finding new and interesting things you can do on an everyday basis, that don’t cost the earth and that give you a boost.

We call it a comfort zone for a reason. It’s comfortable! So why leave it? Well, you don’t have to. If going for a walk by yourself is something you love, that’s great. But how about taking a different route, going at a different time of day, listening to some music, stopping halfway to read a chapter of your book? Taking your lovely daily walk into some new territories can stop you getting bored and you’ll discover some fab new places.

Remember my HOPE principles? The P is for purpose, and having a purposeful life is what drives us. So we need to look for meaning, even in the smallest of things. I know from experience that the times I’ve felt lost and aimless have been the times my skin has been at its worst, and when I have drive and passion my sensitive skin stays at bay. Healing is a journey, and sometimes we take a few steps back, but we always keep moving forward. And it doesn’t take huge gestures or massive life changes to keep us on the right path.

Giving yourself a bit of a diversion in your day, changing it up a bit and planning some simple pleasures can turn a routine experience into one you’ll relish. Things I love to do include walking in nature, meeting up with friends or spending time in my kitchen cooking up a healthy storm.

See, simple things? Grab your diary and plan in some time just for you and the little things that will add up to big things over the week. Then mix and match the following week. Still fancy the cinema? Go on a different day, or to a different movie theatre.

Soon, you’ll start to see the word ‘adventure’ in a new light. It doesn’t have to mean a month-long safari or glitzy party. You can create your own set of adventures every day, every week simply by letting your feet take you in a new direction and your mind being open to the endless, limitless possibilities of your life.

Enjoy lovelies and don’t forget to let me know what your favourite micro adventures are @camilleknowles.


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