Positive affirmation cards: the power of affirmations

9 January 2019

Let me share a secret with you about positive affirmation cards and the power of affirmations. Living a life beyond eczema means adopting a positive mental attitude, being kind to yourself and giving yourself a good talking to! And affirmations are a great way of doing this. Even if you don’t feel like being nice to yourself, don’t think it will work.... in fact, especially then I would urge you to give it a go. You’ll never look back!

For the past few years I have really learned about the power of affirmations, so much so that I’ve even created my own affirmation cards.

What are affirmations, I hear you ask?! Well, they’re positive, present-tense statements we say to ourselves, about ourselves. And it’s a genuine fact that if we repeat them often enough we begin to believe. All thanks to a fantastic psychological phenomenon called the ‘illusory truth effect’. Sounds fancy doesn’t it?! But believe me, it really really works. It can be very easy to hate on ourselves from time to time, but with the help of affirmations you can pull yourself through and start loving yourself. Just like you deserve.

Positive thinking... and beyond

Here’s some more science. The mind and body are linked. Anyone with eczema knows that a flare up can make you feel really low, and then your rotten mood makes your eczema worse... it’s a vicious circle. To truly heal and get the glow, you need to begin by giving your mindset a makeover.

I’m talking from the heart here. Five years ago I was anything but a positive thinker, but I came to learn the only way to heal was to believe that I could, and would. You have to believe it to see it, not the other way around!

Here’s how I used to think:

“I have an eczema flare up, I look horrible, I feel horrible, I want to hide away from the world.”

So I would hide away, feeling worse and worse, thinking the world only wanted to see me without eczema. And then I’d feel lonely and miserable and blame my eczema for everything. Believe me, it was not a pleasant way to live! And if this is how you sometimes feel, I’m here to help.

These days, I tell myself:

“I am beautiful with or without eczema.”

“Thank you to my eczema for telling me to slow down and take care of myself.”

“I’m a worthwhile, strong person with lots to offer the world. A flare up won’t change that.”

I do know that when you’re in the depths of despair it can seem strange to start talking positively to yourself. But soon your daily affirmations will become a normal part of your everyday life.

Affirmation cards I love

Hey, let’s be honest, most of us already know that positive thinking is good for us. But actually doing it is something else completely. That’s why affirmations are so good. Instead of just going ‘Right then brain it’s time to think differently’ you’re actually scientifically reprogramming yourself. How cool is that?!

And if you’re new to this, then it can be a bit tricky knowing where to start. I find affirmation packs are really good here, as they give me some focus. I started off using those in the book Heal your Life by Louise Hay, which gave me some great ideas.

Now I’m so excited to share with you that I’ve created my very own affirmation pack! There are 31 cards so enough for one each day for a month and they’re specifically aligned to my HOPE principles. This means that they’re specially designed to help you live your best life beyond eczema, get your glow on and show the world who’s boss!  My lovely new affirmation cards are available now here, so happy to share them with you.

How to do your daily affirmations

Find a clear few minutes in the morning and make sure you won’t be interrupted the last thing you need is your mum or boyfriend barging in! Then, shuffle the cards and choose one at random. Looking into a mirror and looking yourself in the eyes, read the affirmation out loud in a strong, clear voice (it does feel like you’re talking to yourself at first but you’ll soon get used to it!)

Then stick the affirmation to your mirror if you’re home for the day or pop it in your handbag if you’re out, so you can keep on emphasising it to yourself throughout the day.

If you are feeling in a particular frame of mind then instead of picking a card at random you could choose which one particularly resonates with you for that day. I’ve created cards for all kinds of moods so there will be one to match! Find out more and order them here!

Managing and healing your eczema means connecting up your mind and body so what’s happening on the inside reflects on the outside. Personally, I think the power of optimism is seriously underestimated! Maybe it won’t make your eczema disappear, but it’ll make you realise that you’re a beautiful, wonderful person who is in control of your life.

So here’s to 2019 being your best year yet!


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Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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