A PJ day... the perfect way to relax

21 October 2018

Relaxing is so important if you have eczema, which is why I love a PJ day. Stress really does play all kinds of havoc with your skin, and I know from experience that if I feel stressed it can often lead to a flare up.

Anxiety and overthinking often means not sleeping properly. Perhaps eating the wrong things, or drinking more than usual. All this can tip us off balance... and it shows in our skin.

But it can be easier said than done to simply tell yourself to relax. Work pressures, family life, expectations of yourself, travelling... everything can take its toll. That’s why every now and then I like to switch it all off and treat myself to a PJ day.

The benefits of relaxation

Giving yourself a whole day to relax might seem like a big indulgence. But it can often be easier than just trying to grab an hour here and there to switch off before racing around again. You don’t even need to take a day off work. Find a free weekend and keep a day clear just for yourself. You’d make a date in your diary to see other people. Why not make a date just for you?

I like to do a light yoga flow in the morning to wake myself up gently. To me, exercise is a big part of my relaxation. Then I’ll often make myself a healthy juice and lose myself in one of my favourite inspirational books. Take the time to plan your food in advance so you don’t need to pop to the shops today is all about the PJs and also think how to spend your day so you don’t end up feeling you’ve wasted it. Maybe you’d like to curl up in front a film, perhaps take a long soak in the bath (minus the PJs!) or listen to some guided meditation.

You’ll feel so refreshed and rejuvenated the next day you’re sure to want to make it part of your regular schedule!


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Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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