Perfume for sensitive skin

10 October 2018

Perfume for sensitive skin and eczema sufferers might seem like a no-no, but I’m here to tell you it certainly isn’t.

Since being hospitalised with eczema in 2013 I’ve really taken a good look at how I can help myself to have clear, glowing skin. I understand my eczema triggers, I’ve learned the power of good nutrition, a peaceful night’s sleep, limiting my alcohol intake and doing the right exercises.

But do you know what? None of this feels limiting. I love healthy food, still enjoy a glass or two of vino, wake up every day feeling refreshed and only do the exercises I love.

And having eczema doesn’t mean that you have to forego things it just means maybe making a little tweak here and there so you aren’t risking a flare up. I still love to wear perfume and smell gorgeous, but I make sure I choose products that aren’t going to irritate my skin.

My best perfume for sensitive skin

So I’d like to share my favourite perfume with you, which I promise doesn’t affect my skin.

I love love love Pacifica. I found it in Canada, so it reminds me of my trip over there with my best friend. It has wonderful tropical packaging, and the best part is that it’s completely natural and cruelty free.

My favourite fragrances from this brand are Coconut and Rose, which I alternate depending if I want something more tropical or delicate.

A top tip for you. Don’t spray perfume directly on your skin. Instead, spray it on your clothes, as this can help prevent a flare up.

Wearing perfume is a lovely way to feel feminine and having eczema certainly isn’t going to stop me! As I say, it’s just about finding the right products and fragrances that work for you and don’t irritate your skin.

What’s your favourite eczema-friendly perfume? I’d love to know which brands you use.


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Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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