Neuro Linguistic Programming... NLP techniques for eczema

3 July 2019

Have I ever told you the massive difference that Neuro Linguistic Programming has made to my life? Yes I know it’s a mouthful, but don’t let the name put you off. Essentially, it means finding the connection between our neurological processes (neuro), language (linguistic) and behaviours (programming). Simples!

How Neuro Linguistic Programming works

I’ll be totally honest with you, I was really sceptical about trying NLP techniques, and I only really did it because my mum wanted me to, way back when I was really at my lowest ebb. I’d lost my direction, was badly missing my life in California and my eczema was at its worst. So my mum thought NLP would help me and my skin!

But I admit I was a bit annoyed at her. My eczema was clearly not something that was in my mind it was a physical condition, you could see it everywhere! and the thought that trying to control it using my mind didn’t make any sense.

Anyways, I thought I had nothing to lose so gave it a go. The first time I spoke to my NLP practitioner it was like a dam had burst. I just downloaded everything, from the troubles I’d had with my internship, difficulties finding what I wanted to do at uni, how much I’d loved California and struggled to come home, going into hospital with eczema... all the fears and worries and anxieties that had been plaguing me.

He was brilliant. He explained that feeling the way I did was perfectly okay, and that what he was going to do was ‘rewire’ my way of thinking to help me move forward.

What is NLP?

And, in essence, that is what NLP can do. It’s a way of bringing our conscious and unconscious minds together, helping us to reprogamme the way we think and feel, which in turns guides our actions.

I was in such a pool of negativity that for me, my NLP focused on reframing these thoughts, adding a positive angle. I couldn’t change the circumstances that I’d been through, but I could change the way I viewed them and spoke about them. For example, when I told him how much I missed California, he encouraged me to think ‘One day I’ll go back, it’s not gone forever.’

We did this reframing exercise with all areas of my life, and while I still felt wobbly, he was firm in his beliefs, and soon I started to become more confident. It was as though he’d given me a new lens to view my world, clearing away all the clutter and helping me with new techniques to stride forwards with a newfound clarity.

Let’s be clear, NLP isn’t going to cure your eczema although after that one session it was the first time I slept without scratching in around eight months! As with most of my recommendations, it’s about finding what works for you and I know for sure that rerouting my negative emotions made a world of difference to me. It will give you new ways to approach things and new techniques to cope.

It’s about regaining control, keeping all your goal setting positive (what you’ll gain, not what you stand to lose), about dealing with that inner critical voice, challenging your long-held beliefs that you can’t do something... essentially learning how to become a more confident, happier version of yourself.

I truly believe that starting NLP was my first step on the road to becoming the brighter, happier and infinitely more positive person that I am today. The affirmations and visualisation techniques he taught me are very much a part of my routine now, and I have a daily and weekly gratitude practice which helps me let go of negatives and focus on all the good stuff life has to offer (there is loads angels, trust me!). I believe a positive mindset is where the healing journey begins.

Don’t forget to let me know if you try NLP and how you get on, @camilleknowles.

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