Mind and body fitness... what exercise I do and why

10 August 2018

Mind and body fitness is an important part of my life. Why? Well, first and foremost it’s to feel good. Of course, we all want a nice toned body, but finding an exercise you enjoy is the best way to motivate yourself.

I like to mix it up a bit so I don’t get bored. The mental benefits of exercise really are amazing.

Mind and body fitness: my favourite exercises

I absolutely love a long walk in nature, breathing in the fresh air and gently moving my body. I find it so energising and rejuvenating without being too strenuous. I used to be a frantic runner and became a little impatient on walks. But since struggling with a knee injury, I started daily morning walks with my Mum and now I try to do them at lunchtime or at weekends with my boyfriend as a form of consistent, light exercise. Even when I’m abroad I make the most of hiking adventures and walks along the beach because it’s also a time to be at one with nature and really appreciate the great outdoors.

Weight lifting
Let’s be clear - by weights I don’t mean to a body-building standard, I mean light circuit training! I follow Kayla Istines fitness app (click here for all my favourite apps) which is helpful and I also have a personal trainer to guide me through weight workouts. Lifting weights makes me feel strong, empowered and helps to release stress. It’s also helped to improve my core strength and muscle mass, which has helped me with my running. Half of me wants to train for a body competition just to challenge myself, whereas the other half is comfortably happy doing a workout for no challenge at all, just the pure joy of it!

Running has always been my childhood sport I used to love all the cross-country races. I carried this into my adult life until it unfortunately started to affect my knees. Now I run for the feeling of freedom with every step my worries melt away and I am reminded at how capable I am in life. It makes me feel light, free, energised, successful and clear minded.

I must admit, yoga took me a while to really get into. From liking fast-paced sports like running and netball when I was younger, I always found it hard to focus in a yoga class and honestly felt it was pointless! Eventually I found a style which suited me, Vinyasa yoga. It’s fast paced so I can get a sweat on but also feel all my tension melting away, the best of both worlds. The relaxing high I get after a class has made me want to do yoga training one day (one thing at a time Camille ha!) With business picking up I have less time to get to a class and have enjoyed following my favourite app every morning or night, the perfect way to start or end my day. I totally recommend you try it (it is also great if you’re on the go!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about all the ways I love to exercise. How do you like to work out? Don’t forget to let me know.


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