Embracing a Mediterranean lifestyle in Saint Tropez

26 June 2019

Travelling is in my blood and I’m lucky that I have a job I can do from anywhere. So whenever I can I head for a lovely sunny climate, which is brilliant for my skin, and the Mediterranean lifestyle is perfect (especially the food!)

But much as I love exploring new and different locations, there is one place that’s my home from home, where I’ve spent time ever since I was 15, and that’s Saint-Tropez in the South of France. My family has a second home here, so I’ve been lucky enough to come for holidays and family get togethers, and believe me when I say it’s sooooo beautiful.

I’m so at home embracing the Mediterranean lifestyle

The climate in Saint-Tropez is generally warm and sunny all year round. And I would highly recommend Mediterranean food as a path to glowing skin, as long as I am eating lots of fresh veggies and fish my skin is happy (you don’t need to be in Saint-Tropez to do this, remember!)

Near to our holiday home is a local organic market I shop for food from, and an Acai place in the town, which I absolutely LOVE. There is also a brilliant health food store in Port Grimaud called Bio Market (there’s one in Saint-Tropez town, too), which is packed with delicious organic produce like fruit and veg, bread and wine. I love to go shopping and pick up fresh ingredients to make my favourite smoothies and Acai bowls, perfect in the warm breeze of the Saint-Tropez coast.

It’s not just about the eating though (although it’s a lot about the eating!). Wherever I am in the world I keep up my exercise routine, because I know that it’s a big part of keeping happy and healthy and that’s what keeps my skin happy and healthy, too. I love to run down the coast, from our home in Gassin all the way to the town of Saint-Tropez. It takes about half an hour to run there and it’s the most beautiful route along the shimmering sea front.

Talking of sea... I do love salt water on my skin, so much so that I often have a Dead Sea Salt bath at home. And my lovely family made me a saltwater pool, as I could never go in the chlorine pool at our holiday home and missed out on all the swimming. But now I have my very own mini sea to soak in every day!

Does the warmer weather and salty sea help your sensitive skin too? Be sure to let me know on a comment here or message me on IG @camilleknowles


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