The Mediterranean diet and lifestyle... why it’s great for glowing skin

25 September 2019

We all love a holiday on the Med. But did you know the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle is one all of us sensitive skin warriors would be wise to follow? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be overseas for this! It’s more about the whole ethos and incorporating some of the culture into your everyday life.

What the Mediterranean diet can do for you...

Think about it. When you go to Europe, or travel to the coast, you’re probably eating differently to when you’re at home. Fewer processed foods and fast foods, and more fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Drinking more water.

And if you’re there thinking Camille, when I’m not on vacation I’m at work, I haven’t got time for all that well, let me tell you how easy the Mediterranean diet is. One of my absolute favourites is a simple salad with green leaves, herbs and avocado, organic salmon and anchovy paste, accompanied by a delicious green juice. It’s delicious, super-quick to prepare and packed with skin-loving nutrients.

Mediterranean food is subtly different to my traditional UK food. Or even the same ingredients but just used differently. For example, olive oil features heavily in the Mediterranean diet. Go for the extra-virgin kind and drizzle it raw onto your salads or fish, or replace your veg oil with it for cooking. It’s all about the good fats, so think avocado, oily fish like mackerel and salmon, and nuts. Use fresh veg, whatever is in season, and ditto fresh fruit.

Try to keep your intake of red meat to a minimum, and opt for leaner cuts of grilled white meat.

Lots of people drink alcohol in Mediterranean countries, but the drinking culture is hugely different to that of the UK and the USA. Alcohol is reserved for mealtimes and is shared with friends. It’s fine to open a nice bottle of red wine and enjoy a glass or two with your dinner. But remember if alcohol irritates your skin, opt for water or Kombucha instead. Check the Kombucha for the alcohol % though, as some do contain alcohol.

Eating together

A big part of the Med culture is sitting together for food. Okay, in the warmer climates it’s much easier to eat alfresco, which in turn makes it easier to eat in a big group. But be honest, even when it’s warm at home, how often do you get the garden furniture out and sit outside?! I bet there are more evenings than not when you eat dinner on the sofa and watch Netflix.

Try to emulate the Med culture by making mealtimes into a special occasion. Yes eat outside if the weather permits. But you could also just make sure you sit together as a family, or with your friends, at least once a week, savouring your food and chatting together. The whole ethos is that enjoying your food and drink is important.

This diet and lifestyle really is perfect for sensitive skin warriors, keeping you healthy from the inside out and leaving your skin lovely and glowing.


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