Me and my massage... why I love to pamper

18 September 2019

When did you last go for a massage? If it’s been a while then girl it’s time to book yourself that appointment! It’s a wonderful way to boost your wellbeing and give your skin some much-deserved love.

What’s so great about a massage?

Erm, everything! For a start, it’s at least half an hour that you are solely devoting to yourself, which is so important. You’ve got no phone, no people around you, it’s pure indulgence. Therapists generally play soothing music, and I often find myself drifting away into my own thoughts. It’s peaceful, tranquil time just for you.

They’re also great for unknotting your muscles, reducing tension and relieving stress. And for us sensitive skin warriors, they’re pretty much essential as part of our mission for glowing, radiant skin.

If you have a muscle injury, then you might need a different type of treatment, such as a sports massage, and this is something a physiotherapist can help you with, or direct you to.

Swedish massage is lovely your therapist uses a combination of strokes, taps and movements to keep your muscles nice and supple. Or you could go for a lymphatic drainage massage, to help keep your lymph fluids circulating properly around your body.

One of my favourites is an Indian head massage. You might think you don’t carry any tension in your head so what’s the point, but believe me once you’ve tried it you’ll realise how much you do! It’s a really wonderful, soothing massage of your scalp and neck, leaving you feeling revitalised and uplifted. All the things we love!

What’s the best natural massage oil?

I make no secret out of the fact I love castor oil, and I make my own scented version, check it out here. While most therapists will have their own aromatherapy and essential oils, if you’re worried they will irritate your skin then you could ask if they mind if you take your own natural oil along with you.

Did you know you can massage yourself?

Hey I have sensitive skin and I know sometimes the last thing you want is for anyone to see or touch your skin. And it’s okay to feel like this, as long as it’s temporary and you’re not in hiding from the world. If you feel that a flare up is persisting or affecting your mental health then it’s time to talk to someone.

But if you’re just feeling a bit meh, fancy some pampering but can’t quite face a treatment, then a DIY massage is great. Here’s the thing though, you’re not giving yourself a back massage! No matter how flexible you are, that’s simply not going to happen! So when I talk about massaging yourself, I mean a foot massage, a hand massage, the back of your neck and tops of your shoulders. You can make it part of your everyday skincare routine, gently massaging your oil into your skin (it’s great for circulation boosting at the start of the day, or relaxation at the end.)

What’s your favourite type of massage? Don’t forget to let me know @camilleknowles.


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