Making my Dubai dreams come true...

13 March 2019

I’m writing this blog from oh-so-sunny Dubai don’t you know! I’ve always been a sun chaser when I was at uni I spent a semester abroad in California. My skin was at its best and I put this down to the beautiful climate and the salty sea water.

Now I’m running my own business, the beauty is that I can work digitally from wherever I happen to be, which is fantastic news for a nomad like me. And Dubai? Well it’s beachy and businessy rolled into one, isn’t it? (Plus it’s halfway to Bali, where some of my other soul sisters are. I do love a coincidence...)

I spent a few months living in Palma recently and I loved loved loved it. But I do get itchy feet figuratively speaking! and I wanted to see what Dubai had to offer to us warriors.

Making myself at Home...

You know about my HOPE principles, right? Well the ‘H’ is for Home and wherever I am I make sure that it’s my space, that it feels right for me. While I’m in Dubai I’m trying to live minimalistically as I can, so I’m keeping my space tidy and clutter free. I’m also spending lots of time using my affirmation cards and doing my daily journalling, so my mind is clutter free too!

Do you know what? Since coming here my skin is sooooo much better. I think this is because as well as ‘H’ I’ve been focusing on the ‘E’ from my HOPE principles (right now that means eating well, exercise and eco-therapy).

So what have I been up to so far? Well my boyfriend is in heaven going surfing, and I seem to have been attending A LOT of appointments! All in the name of keeping up with my recovery and healing, of course.

Getting spiritual

I decided to go for a chakra analysis, which is supposed to be a great way of finding any areas in your life that are out of balance. I haven’t had it done before and so wasn’t too sure what to expect. And in case you’re wondering, chakras are the seven energy centres that make up our vibrational field (according to Yogis). Not sure if it was a bit ‘out there’ but you know I’m a spiritual person and very open minded, willing to give anything a go.

The practitioner uses a machine, and you put your fingers on it (a bit like being fingerprinted!) and then she analyses your aura. It was so interesting. She told me that my aura definitely needed protecting more and that even though I was well and healthy I was suffering from stress. Not my own stress but other people’s! This is so true, I know I would
self destruct trying to help others but I do know this is not actually helpful to anyone! I booked in for some yoga, meditation and reiki, all treatments which work with the chakra analysis to help me rebalance.

Mixing in the medical

For those of you more interested in the medical rather than the spiritual, I’ve also been to a DNA health centre, which offers a combination of holistic and medical approaches. I’m a big believer that when your skin starts to get out of hand you do need a medical intervention to help you get things quickly under control. I wouldn’t want to rely on this as a long-term solution, and you need the combination of natural approaches too. But I certainly don’t want
anyone to think that I don’t believe a medical approach is helpful too.

The doctor said I was healthy and didn’t need a whole load of tests, which was obviously good! But he did agree that I was suffering from stress. He also recommended I stick to a pescatarian rather than vegan diet. Do you know what, I love the idea of being vegan but I always feel a bit deficient when I follow a strict vegan diet, and have felt better since having fish occasionally. Remember, it’s to each their own when it comes to diet, so I definitely recommend you follow your instincts and listen to your body it will tell you what it needs and what you could be lacking.

I’ve been scratching a bit since I’ve been here, even though my skin seems to be healing. I’ve gone completely make-up free to give my skin a good break, but I have been scratching my arms. So I decided to have some acrylic nails done (yes yet another appointment!) as they are blunt and won’t tear my skin. This is purely for this functional purpose, I prefer short nails, so I’ve kept the acrylics as natural as possible.

I think my worst fear would be to be so ill that I couldn’t share what I’ve learnt about managing my dry skin, helping other people is definitely what gets me through the day. Through my business I’ve created a safe space for all us warriors to come together and I love talking to you guys sharing all the ups and downs that sensitive skin can bring. Meditation and yoga are brilliant ways to invest in yourself, giving you a pure focus and clearing your mind to help you relax and heal.

And in amongst all these appointments guess what else I’ve been doing? Yes that’s right, eating! We have found the most brilliant place called Life n One, which is a wellness café and crystal shop. They run meditation and yoga classes, plus the café is all gluten and dairy free which is brilliant for us warriors who like to feed our faces with lots of good stuff! Plus Dubai is so warm I’ve been eating loads of fresh fruit sitting outside in the sunshine, which is definitely a great way to get more healthy.

How are you doing lovelies? Remember to get in touch on IG @camilleknowles with ways you’ve been keeping your dry skin under control this winter.


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