The magic of living in Palma

16 January 2019

I’m so excited to be writing about the magic of living in Palma! Why? Because I live here now, wahoo! Well, temporarily at least. So this blog is coming to you from lovely Majorca, where my boyfriend and I have set up home for the next few months.

I’ve written before about my love of travelling and my hunt for a sunnier life abroad. While I love love love being at home with my family I just find English winters so harsh, the weather gets me down and it’s then that my dry skin starts to flare up. Plus, I find the eating and drinking culture in the UK difficult to get my head around I don’t really drink much alcohol and I try to only eat foods I know will keep my dry skin at bay, which can sometimes be easier to do abroad than back home.

What’s it like living in Palma?

So why of all the places in the world did we choose Palma? Well, lots of reasons really. I knew I was ready for a change. I’d been putting a lot of pressure on myself to ‘achieve’ and this meant a lack of sleep. Not good for us sensitive skin sufferers. And as the ‘H’ in my HOPE principles stand for home, I decided it was time to take my own advice! This meant creating an environment I could thrive in, and have some space to continue working on my business.

I’d only ever visited Palma three times but I just knew it felt right. You know you just get that feeling instinctively? It felt zen when I visited. And even more so when we fell in love with literally the first property we viewed, immediately signing on the dotted line for three months (and who knows, we might decide to stay a bit longer if the mood takes us).

I love being able to swim in the salty sea, I always feel I’m doing my skin so much good. I always loved a salt bath at home, but honestly the real thing feels like such heaven! And the climate here is lovely. I’d dreamed of a warmer, more peaceful home for winter, and that’s what I have. It’s gorgeous here, not roasting hot, more like a cool summer’s day in the UK. Perfect for wandering around and sitting outside to eat and drink, but not so hot that I can feel my skin suffering.

Also, my two best friends live out here. It’s so nice to be able to actually see them in person instead of Skype and to go on walks or to meet for lunch.

Adventures and exploring...

Palma is a little island, but it’s full of things to do. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet! It’s so exciting to think of all the opportunities and exploring we have ahead of us. If you do ever decide to visit, I’d really recommend staying at Nixie Palace. It’s close to the city and airport, overlooks the beach (great sea views!) and has its own hotel spa, perfect for some relaxation and indulgence. I love the fact that it offers city life by the seaside, it’s the best of both worlds! We have enjoyed hiking, relishing the salty air that feels so good for my skin, and plenty of relaxing when we aren’t working. I finally feel that I’ve found the right balance and believe me it feels like that’s been a long time coming!

Creating your own ‘home’

Okay lovelies, I know not everyone can relocate. I’m lucky to have a job I can do from anywhere in the world, and as my boyfriend is the same then it’s worked out really well for us. But creating the right home environment to help heal your eczema is something everyone can do. What makes you feel ‘at home’? Perhaps you could try creating a zen vibe in your bedroom using shells and crystals, take plenty of walks in the fresh air and explore your local environment, or get yourself snug and cosy on cold winter nights.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve moved abroad, relocated for a little while or dream of doing so. And if not, let me know what you find helps you to feel right at home.


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