Live in the moment... with an Instagram detox

15 August 2018

Technology and I have something of a love-hate relationship. I love how it connects us to the world, but I hate how it stops us from simply being able to live in the moment.

Focus on the now, live in the moment and enjoy life without social media

That’s why I decided to try a quick Instagram detox, and do you know what, it was the happiest I’ve felt in a long time. Trying to capture the perfect image and constantly thinking about my developing business plan was taking its toll. And when I woke up one Saturday and saw my dry skin flaring up on my hands, I decided it was time for action. No half measures either, I deleted the app from my phone and focused on complete self care for the weekend. For those two days, it was all about being happy in the moment.

Saturday... spending quality time together

I began with a morning yoga flow and then made some dairy- and gluten-free porridge. My Dad popped over to see if I wanted to go shopping in Manchester. Honestly, I wanted to spend time with him but all I wanted to do was to be outdoors in the sun, so we compromised and did both.

My boyfriend Baz joined us for a walk around the garden - the sunlight on my skin and feeling the fresh air felt so liberating. I was in great company and loved listening to the sounds of the wildlife.

After all the well-needed fresh air, I went into Manchester with my Dad. We ate YO! Sushi and he treated me to some bath bombs from Lush and some new Gucci loafers that I had been eyeing up.

Back at home, I had the most relaxing bath with dead sea salts and castor oil. I felt rejuvenated, as this was the first day in a long time I just lived in the moment away from technology.

Baz and I had a cheeky glass of champagne. I don’t normally drink much but I just wanted to enjoy the moment and not worry what it may do to my skin. We ate some lovely nibbles and watched a movie. That night, I slept like a baby!

Sunday... enjoying the sunshine and countryside

The sun was shining and I was on a high! Was It because of the weather or the lack of pressure not having to document my day?

Baz and I went to hunt down a new café for lunch, Earthlings in Bolton. We drove over the hills of countryside, listening to music as the sun beamed through the windows.

As we walked into Earthlings I knew it was my kind of place. Everything free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar, and the menu was bursting with healthy desserts and colourful salads. I ordered a ‘healthy hot chocolate’, a salad bowl and some veggie sticks with hummus. Baz ordered a veggie chilli with corn nachos and a chocolate brownie for dessert. Delicious!

To end the magical relaxed weekend, I covered myself in castor oil and sat in our steam shower. This weekend I’d invested in myself. My dry skin had almost gone, I was bouncing back and I knew that in the morning I would wake with my skin less inflamed. I felt totally revived and ready for a new week ahead.

The downside to social media is that sometimes we get so caught up in what we’re aiming for we lose track of the moment, right here and now. I knew that to stay in control of my sensitive skin it was vital to give myself the time to relax.

If you feel like I did, think about the ways you can switch off and have a break from your busy life. Turn off your technology for a day or two, and try introducing some yoga, go to a new café with someone you love and get out in nature and the fresh air. You’ll feel a positive difference and be raring to go!


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Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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