Visiting LA... my spiritual home

12 September 2018

One of the happiest times in my life was when I was studying in California it was so difficult to leave, which is why taking a trip back meant so much to me.

I went with my boyfriend, Baz, and we flew to LA after a family holiday in Mexico (I know, lucky or what). I figured we were already halfway there and convinced him this was the best chance for us to visit with cheaper flights.

We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb in Venice. The interior had my name written all over it, my boyfriend said it could be my second home! It was full of plants, crystals and self-help books. We were within walking distance of Venice Beach and Santa Monica and just a short drive from the centre of LA.

First evening... babies and Buddha bowls

We went out for dinner with my California bestie who I knew from school. We reminisced on past times and caught up with where our are lives now, talking about her twin babies and me pursuing my dream. We ate at Venice Ale House which served delicious vegan nachos and healthy Buddha bowls (my dream food!)

Day one... café culture

We walked to Santa Monica and had breakfast at The Hive, another health food café I love how accessible these places are in LA and basically this whole trip I dragged Baz around them! This was our fave café out of all of them. I over ordered with an acai bowl and avocado on toast, while Baz had a wrap and a juice. We then went back to the flat and caught up on some work (we are workaholics!) before heading out for a sushi dinner and enjoyed some wine chatting about life.

Day two... Lakers and Jennifer Lopez

Obviously we headed straight to another health food café, thanks to me! This one was called The Gratitude Café. It a magical, very spiritual kind of place and lived up to my expectations from Instagram. Then we met my friend and road-tripped to Malibu, visiting Malibu Farm (another healthy café for lunch poor Baz) and relaxed watching the waves. This evening we watched a Lakers Game at the Staples Centre. We were living the California dream and we even saw Jennifer Lopez!

Day three... making the move?

By now Baz had fallen in love with LA just like I had five years ago, to the point he even considered moving. He was Googling all the best areas to live and we decided to go off on a road trip, venturing to Laguna Hills, Corona del Mar, Laguna Niguel and Newport Beach, enjoying some Whole Foods snacks and touring around beautiful houses dreaming of our LA life. We walked down 1000 Steps Beach and chilled out thinking just how magical this place really is. On the way back we stopped for dinner at Urth Café (another healthy café, surprise!)

Day four... surfing and sunshine

Today Baz suggested surfing. I’ve always said I want to be a surfer but I actually got nervous when he was so keen, since waves scare me (ironic). He booked us a lesson in Malibu and off we went after a pitstop at Malibu Farm café (again!) This was by far the best day of them all. We were greeted by the coolest instructor who took us to a stunning private beach. The sun was shining, the water wasn’t too cold and we were surfing in fricking Malibu (pinch me!) Baz took to surfing as though he’d been doing it his whole life. Luckily I had actually surfed before in Jersey so I felt pretty confident, but Baz totally showed me up, gliding along the waves like a pro while I struggled to hop up quickly enough and fall in the tunnelling waves. I didn’t give up and thankfully caught a few myself.

Day five... cinema and chilling

We decided to see Jurassic Park in a true American movie theatre. On the way back to our Airbnb (which now felt like home) we grabbed dinner from Whole Foods and relaxed in our place for the evening.

Day six... fond farewells

Today was rainy so we met up with my friend for some shopping and lunch, then it was time to say goodbye (it never gets easier).

Day seven... flights and family

We flew to NYC for our layover, as it worked out cheaper for us, saved us spending ages on a flight AND I got to see my true soul sister (the main reason I convinced Baz this was a good idea).

Day eight... goodbyes and going home

My sister, Rochelle, had booked us tickets to be in the audience of the show The Chew! That morning we spent some time walking around Central Park and the Rockefeller Centre and had breakfast before the show. Then we went for a healthy lunch at ‘Eat By Chloe’, a vegan health café and Rochelle took us to her gym where we could shower, steam and freshen up before our flight home.

It was so sad saying goodbye to my sister but I was ready to get home and graft for my dream business.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my LA blog guys. Have you been to LA? Do you love it as much as I do? Don’t forget to tag me in your pics @camilleknowles.
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