International Men’s Day: a great time to say ‘thank you’

18 November 2018

I’m all for girl power. But as it’s International Men’s Day on 19 November, I thought it would be a great time for us girls to look around and appreciate the men in our lives.

Whether they’re our partners, brothers, fathers or friends... everyone likes to feel appreciated, right? Perhaps they’ve been a rock supporting you with your eczema. Or maybe they have it themselves after all, eczema isn’t just something females suffer with, is it?

International Men’s Day and male eczema

Men sometimes find it harder to talk about their feelings, so if there’s a man in your life with eczema, try to support him in any way you can. I’ve personally helped my uncle conquer his eczema by listening to him, giving him natural creams and guiding him on his diet. He’s lived with it for over 50 years and says I’ve changed his life. You can only imagine how wonderful that makes me feel.

My HOPE principles can work for everyone, male or female. If you have my book The Beauty of Eczema™, maybe you could spend some time teaching your male loved one what they can do to help themselves. Or even treat them to a copy of their own.

There are plenty of natural men’s grooming and skincare products out there now, which make great present ideas.

Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream helps to heal skin and promote cell regeneration, with essential oils to soothe skin and reduce itching.

John Masters Organics Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash is sulphate free, leaving skin soft, smooth and replenished.

Elsa’s Organics Skinfood Ocean Deodorant is a 100% natural, nutrient-rich deodorant, perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Hope’s Relief Intensive Dry Skin Rescue Cream for Eczema and Psoriasis is packed with natural, active ingredients to soothe dry, itchy skin.

GK Natural Creations Coffee Scrub Soap has added coffee grounds and cocoa butter, for extra moisturising.

So for this International Men’s Day, here’s to all the wonderful men in our lives!


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Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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