My Ibiza anniversary adventure

29 August 2018

To celebrate our four-year anniversary there was only one place me and my partner wanted to go: Ibiza! I bought him flights for Valentine’s Day and he sorted out the beautiful accommodation.

Our four-day stay felt like much longer, because our days were filled with adventure. We stayed at The Grand Hotel Montesol, an incredibly stunning building in the heart of Ibiza Old Town. It turned out to be the perfect spot for café hunting and shopping, near the port and local beaches. I couldn’t have been happier.

First evening... burgers and bubbles

We got to the hotel around 12.30am, as it was April everything was closed but we were buzzing to do something so we wandered around town, Baz grabbed a burger then we headed back to the room. I popped open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the beginning of our holiday, we enjoyed a glass and fell asleep ready for tomorrow’s adventures.

Day one... wandering and working

The sun was shining and we were ready to explore. First stop was breakfast at the hotel café, which was clearly a hot spot for the local such as artists, people working on their laptops and hotel guests. I can understand why; the café is outdoors in the middle of the old town streets, surrounded by the beautiful architecture.

The menu had lots of delicious options, and we chose an almond milk cappuccino, avocado on toast and a green detox juice before heading off to explore.

We climbed to a castle which overlooked the sea, went to a local church where I said a prayer for my Grandad and just wandered wherever our feet took us. Our lunch pit stop was at the port and I enjoyed a salmon salad while Baz sampled the nachos. We spent the rest of the afternoon working (I know, work on holiday? But we both love what we do and it can be so difficult to switch off. Mine was working on my self-help book and Baz was making calls back to his business in England).

Work done, we wandered out again, sitting by the sea drinking a glass of wine and slowly getting into holiday mode. Next it was dinner time, yay, we are both such foodies as you will soon realise. We headed to a sushi restaurant on the port and ate until we felt like we would pop. What a day!

Day two... scooters and steak

Our official anniversary day. After breakfast at the hotel café we decided to be a little reckless (for me) and hire a scooter. Knowing how unsafe they are and being a total worrier, I’ve always avoided them but hey I felt like living a little and exploring the island in a new way. We toured around the island then eventually made it to a beach for a gorgeous lunch, then I then did a mini yoga flow by the sea. The evening was spectacular we’d booked into the restaurant ‘La Imprenta’, which was just a short walk from our hotel and offered exquisite food and a show performed all night. We had so much fun! We shared a bottle of white wine and both ate fillet steak (neither of which I do regularly), but it was such a fantastic evening, I definitely recommend you book yourself in if you ever visit Ibiza Old Town.

Day 3... superfoods and spa

Wondering how we could top yesterday, I decided to ask on my Instagram for health café recommendations, as I wanted a change of breakfast scenery. I was advised to visit Passion Café, a short walk from our hotel. It was incredible! Full of positive quotes, gluten, dairy and sugar-free options, super foods, smoothie bowls, vegan nachos... delicious. Then to my surprise Baz had booked us into a natural spa half an hour from the café called Atzaro. We jumped in and went to relax. Wow, for someone that has gone to many spas and it is a real passion of mine, this was the best I’ve ever experienced.

It was built on an orange farm, they had they own seasonally grown food and it was buzzing with sounds of nature, from cockerels to frogs. We went for couples’ massage and I chose a mixture of skin rejuvenation and relaxation oils. Then it was 60 minutes of pure heaven with all our tensions floating away. Afterwards we were given a three-course meal to enjoy it’s safe to say we both slept like babies this evening.

Our last day... relaxing and reading

We went exploring again as we were determined to get down to the sea. Baz found a hidden path so we climbed all the way down to the rocks on the edge of the island, where we relaxed, reading our books with the waves splashing around us and the sun beaming down. Heaven. We then decided to get some food before we headed to the airport for our flight. I convinced Baz to head to Passion Café again. We shared vegan nachos and I ordered the cashew breaded chicken. Full to the brim we headed back to collect our luggage and to the airport.

What an adventure, but did I hit all my health goals?

Of course, it was easier and more enjoyable than working out in England. We did a minimum of 10,000 steps daily, around 5k minimum, breathing in the fresh air all day. I listened to my meditation app every morning and every meal we ate was packed with fresh and healthy food. We had cheeky daily coffees and the odd glass (bottle) of wine but we were fuelling our lives with positive adventures, that ticks every box for me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my getaway. Have you been to Ibiza? I’d love to hear about it if so, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @camilleknowles.
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