How to support someone with eczema

30 September 2018

Understanding how to support someone with eczema is really important in helping them heal. In my blog Why it’s important to raise awareness of eczema I explained that not everyone understands the horrible effects this condition can have. It’s not just about itching, it’s about confidence, self esteem and peace of mind.

So, how to support someone with eczema?

Here are my 6 top tips:

Tip 1: Be a good listener
You can’t fix someone’s problem certainly not a skin condition but by listening and taking the weight off your shoulders you are contributing to their healing process. When a problem is shared, it suddenly doesn’t seem as bad. See my blog ‘How talking about eczema could be your secret saviour’ to find out more

Tip 2: Take a walk
If your friend/daughter is having a flare up, a walk can work wonders. It will take her mind off it, and you’ll both be getting fresh air and basking in nature. It really is a great healer and eczema support.

Tip 3: Buy a natural product
All eczema sufferers need to moisturise day and night. Most are given undesirable medicated creams which can make them feel like a victim. Giving them a gorgeous natural skincare moisturiser is the perfect way to take your loved one from victim to victor. My personal favourite is the moisturising lotion by Hope’s Relief. You could also treat them to some natural lipsticks from Love Lula. A pop of colour can make all the difference, giving them the confidence they need to love themselves and tackle the day. Natural lipsticks are great they’re not only fun but soothe and nourish the lips, too.

Tip 4: Be sympathetic
Eczema isn’t just hard for the sufferer, but the people who love them, too. They see someone they care about feeling miserable over their incurable condition and it can bring them down as well. While it can be tempting and easier to tell your loved one to ‘get over it’, ‘it’s not a big deal’, the last thing they need is for you to give up on them when they could quite easily give up on themselves.
Sympathise with their pain, tell them it’s okay to not be happy with their condition but that they can learn to change their mindset to get out of it. It’s a great help for eczema sufferers to know they have someone there supporting them.

Tip 5: Help them write a gratitude list
Back when my eczema was unbelievably painful, I was extremely negative and it was killing everyone around me. My mum forced me to write a gratitude list. I had to write 10 big things and she wouldn’t leave me alone until I did. At first I was very reluctant and angry. But she pushed me, saying: “Camille you have legs to walk/run, write that down”... “Camille you have a caring heart that never gives up, write that down”. I ended up scribbling even more things down. This was big turning point for me and I still do it to this day.

Tip 6: Book an NLP session
If you are at your wits end helping the person you love and you just feel like nothing’s working, book them in for an NLP (neuro linguistic programming) session. My mum did this six years ago and it changed my life. I went from not sleeping at all to sleeping like a baby. It may be that the eczema suffer needs their mind untangling, like I did.

So, these are my six top tips. But don’t forget, you can ask your loved one if there’s anything they’d like you to do to help them. Just talking and understanding can go a really long way to helping them heal.


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Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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