Healthy café Humblest of Pleasures... a hidden gem

2 September 2018

Visiting a healthy café is one of my favourite things to do. I LOVE food now. But this wasn’t always the case, and when my eczema was at its worst I actually used to fear food in case it made me flare up leading to declining lots of dinner dates with friends.

Thankfully, I’ve now discovered what foods work best for me and this, along with the wellness trend, means there are tons of new cafés I can visit without fear of a flare up. I know I thrive on a plant-based diet, with occasional grass-fed meat and organic fish, and am best to avoid gluten, dairy and refined sugar.

Introducing a new healthy café

So, a trip to a new healthy café near me is always hot on my to-do list and today I want to share with you Humblest of Pleasures in Hebden Bridge.

As this café is less than an hour’s drive away, I was surprised I hadn’t heard of it before. The drive there was beautiful, surrounded by the hills and countryside, with totally mindblowing views. A friend had recommended it to me and said the town was completely Instagramable and the café had my name written all over it. She was so right!

A mouthwatering menu

The menu was amazing and it was really hard to choose what to order because it all sounded incredible and I wanted everything! One of my friends had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (a healthier version than you’d normally imagine) and the other had a vegan burger, which is what I had too. They were so delicious we savoured every bite!

It was the same indecision with drinks. Since they were so well priced (to be fair, so was the food) I ordered three. A delicious golden turmeric latte, beautiful and full of anti-inflammatory benefits, a beetroot latte (ok I mainly got this for the pink Insta feed but it tasted unbelievable) and a coconut latte, which was also lovely.

I will definitely be going back. Hebden Bridge is such a beautiful place, ideal for lunch dates and full of quirky shops to explore. I will totally be dragging my darling boyfriend and family here soon.

Have you visited the Humblest of Pleasures? If so, I’d love to hear what you ordered to help me decide on future visits! Also, don’t forget to tag me in your Insta pics @camilleknowles because I promise you won’t be able to go without taking a photo!


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