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29 May 2019

Okay, let’s be clear, when I say ‘healthy alternatives’ this isn’t going to be one of those blogs that tell you to eat an apple instead of a doughnut or a salad in place of chips. We all know which is healthier and we all sometimes don’t fancy that option! But what I do mean is that some of us warriors need to watch what we eat, for our skin’s sake.

I know that if I follow a dairy-free, gluten-free diet with plenty of plant-based ingredients my skin just looks and feels better. But I try to eat foods I love, and if there’s something I can’t have because of my sensitive skin then I always try to find a tasty alternative.

Finding healthy alternatives and still having fun...

I used to suffer from orthorexia. What’s that I hear you say?! It’s actually a medical condition where the sufferer avoids specific foods they believe to be harmful. And it’s really awful. I used to eat a banana for breakfast, some chicken or fish with veg for lunch and a bowl of peas or some gluten-free cereal for dinner. Yes you read that right, a bowl of peas for dinner! I always just figured that I was healthier than the person having pizza.

But just looking at what I’ve written it’s obvious I wasn’t eating enough, and I had become obsessive. Yes I was very slim and my skin was glowing. But I was isolated and miserable.

I now know that setting these kind of ‘avoidance’ goals is extremely unhealthy, and it’s far easier to stick to resolutions that are ‘approach’ based. Which is why I wanted to write this blog! I never want you to feel the way I did, and I just want to share some of the yummy things I’ve found that keep my skin nice and healthy but are more interesting than a bowl of peas! (I love peas, by the way, but just not on their own every night for dinner any more).

So here are some of my tasty healthy alternatives, no need now for anyone to miss out:

Squirrel Sister Brownies. These are gluten and dairy free (great for vegans) with no added sugar. I like to have one of these after a workout sometimes, or for pudding if everyone is eating chocolate cake.

Nibble protein bites. These come in different flavours: mocha; lemon and coconut; chocolate chip cookie; and sour cherry. The choc chip cookie and lemon and coconut are my faves. They’re high protein, packed with fibre and yes they’re gluten and dairy free!

Ombar Luxury Organic Raw Chocolate Bars. These are made from 100% organic cacoa so no dairy but lots and lots of lovely taste! They do 11 different flavours, like lemon and green tea, coco mylk, and goji berry, it’s too hard to pick a favourite but let me know which you prefer if you try them.

Planet Organic Chocolate Raisins. If you fancy some sweet nibbles then these babies are for you! Delicious juicy raisins covered with thick raw chocolate, I often have these when I’m travelling as they keep me going for ages!

Planet Organic Salted Caramel Popcorn. These are great to pop in your bag if you’re going to the cinema, or to curl up with in front of a movie at home. They’re everything I love (organic, vegan, gluten and soy free, no refined sugar) but they’re so much tastier than the huge tubs of popcorn served up at the cinema. See, I told you I wasn’t going to just tell you to eat salad!

Miiro Dairy Free Ice Cream Lollies. I love eating ice cream, especially in the summer, but I do find that dairy can contribute to a flare up. Luckily these lollies have come to my rescue! I make sure I always stock some in my freezer just in case I get an ice cream craving!

Booja Booja Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch Truffles. You know that moment at family gatherings when everyone opens the box of chocolates and you really really really want one but you really really really don’t want your skin to suffer? Put these on your Christmas/Easter/birthday/whatever list (or just treat yourself to some) and you won’t suddenly be the only one in the room not enjoying chocolate.

The White Rabbit Pizza Company. Healthy fast food choices used to be hard to find (hence the peas) but thankfully this is changing these tasty pizzas are gluten free, and some of them are vegan and dairy free. I love a bit of comfort food once in a while and these tick every box without aggravating my sensitive skin. Yipppeeee!

So there you go lovelies, we all love healthy eating and we all love some treats once in a while, and it’s so great there are more and more places us warriors can find some tasty alternatives.

Don’t forget to let me know your favourites @camilleknowles.


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