Loving my health and wellness blogs... nominated for a Health Blog Award

30 October 2019

I absolutely love writing my health and wellness blogs for you lovelies, and it’s brilliant when so many of you get in touch and tell me how my tips have helped. Or sometimes it’s just about me sharing a story or an experience, so you know that you’re not alone.

Health and wellness blogs award nomination

Which is why it was truly an honour to be nominated for a Health Blog Award by the lovely people at the Health Bloggers Community. They’re a wonderful group, bringing together bloggers, influencers and professionals who all want to make a difference to people’s lives.

I was nominated for an award in the Beauty and Lifestyle category. It’s so important to me that all sensitive skin warriors know there’s a big beautiful tribe of us, all aiming to live a life beyond sensitive skin. Some days we feel fierce. Some days we need protecting. And if my wellness blogs can do even a tiny bit to help people feel supported, to discover some new ways to heal their skin, to learn some simple techniques to nurture themselves every day... then I consider that a job well done.

So thank you thank you thank you my fabulous warriors for your words of encouragement and support to me, which have helped me to get this nomination.

Getting social

I also love getting to know you all via my Instagram. I like to share recipes, tips, goals... and I also share my fears and wobbles. I think social media is about being real, about celebrating the good and reaching out for support when we need it and you’re there for me in the same way that I am for you.

The Awards are a celebration of the best wellness blogs, healthy living blogs and Instagram accounts, so you can imagine how wonderful it was for me to be a part of them. One of my favourite quotes, which I use in my book The Beauty of EczemaTM, is “It’s never too late to be what you might have been,” by George Eliot. I mean, how great is that? I’ve always dreamed of being where I am now, working in wellness, sharing my love of food and recipes, writing blogs on everything from travel tips to homemade skincare and chatting with all you wonderful warriors.

I need to say another thank you. To my sensitive skin. Because for all the times I’ve hated it, wished I’d never heard of it, hid myself away because of it... I wouldn’t be here doing this if I didn’t have sensitive skin. And all of the awful times I had spurred me on to finding this new path, taking these amazing steps into a life of happiness and wellbeing.

Finding purpose

My HOPE principles guide me through every day. The P for Purpose means I’m constantly finding new and exciting things to fill my life. Through visualisation and visioning, I’ve managed to take myself from a frightened girl to a strong woman.

My principles can help you, too. It doesn’t mean we all do the same thing and follow the same path. It means you learn how to find what works for you, what your journey should be. Using your sensitive skin to spur you on, instead of hold you back, you can discover your purpose and passion, nurturing yourself inside and out and never letting sensitive skin be the boss of you again.

I admit to shedding a little tear when I found out I’d received this nomination, as doing this means all the world to me. Being recognised by my peers in the industry and surrounded by such wonderful professionals reinforced to me that I’m finally doing exactly what I should be doing with my life.


I’d love you to join my tribe. If you’re ready to start living a life beyond sensitive skin, start your free membership today. You’ll get loads of tips and advice to help keep your skin healthy and glowing.

You can also get the first chapter of my book absolutely FREE, and discover some of the products I’ve created just for you!

Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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