Love your hands... my top tips for managing hand eczema

17 July 2019

Hand eczema can be really miserable, as it’s one of the few places it’s difficult to fully cover up all the time, as gloves aren’t always practical at work. But don’t worry angel, we’ve got this!

How to keep hand eczema at bay

Well I wish I could tell you that there’s a miracle way of never getting eczema on your hands, unfortunately I don’t have a magic wand but what I can do is help you keep your hands lovely and moisturised and let you know how I keep my hands in the best condition possible.

Just as an aside, I always like to get my nails done, even if I do have some eczema on my hands, because it makes me feel good about myself. Once upon a time there’s no way I’d have let anyone near my hands if I had some eczema, but these days I’m more confident and feeling good is a top priority. If you find yourself scratching your eczema a lot try getting some acrylic nails I’ve done this and it’s almost impossible to scratch with them! They’re blunt which means no scratch marks and you can bounce back quicker!

I’m a massive fan of colloidal silver so I always make sure I have some on me as it really helps to keep any cuts clean. My favourite is the spray from Higher Nature. I also like to wear cotton gloves if my hands are sore. This has a double whammy effect, as it protects them from the harsh elements and stops me scratching! But as I said earlier, gloves aren’t always practical if you’re at work, so this is one to try at home or overnight.

I like to buy jumpers with thumb holes, they provide comfort to my hands but keep them free for fresh air and work. I recently purchased a gorgeous pink hoody with thumb holes from gym shark, check out my IG stories!

I always look for products which have natural moisturising ingredients, like mango butter, olive leaf oil and shea butter. And also those with anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as camomile oil and calendula.

One cream I love is Pacifica Probiotic Water Rehab Cream, I do love a probiotic, especially vegan ones which are in this. I find it really hydrates my skin and keeps my hands soft and supple, and it smells sooooo good, it’s a really lovely coconutty smell which makes me think of summer all year round.

I also love Aloe Vera, as it’s soothing, cooling and moisturising, so you can use it if your skin is feeling dry and chapped, or just as a moisturiser.

You know I mentioned the cotton gloves for eczema earlier? Well, another handy trick is to make sure you always wear gloves if you’re doing any washing up or gardening, anything which exposes your skin to the elements.

Do you have any top tips for beautiful hands? Let me know @camilleknowles


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