Good friendships can feed your soul...

7 August 2018

Having eczema has given me plenty of challenges in life. But it’s also taught me some valuable lessons and one of these is the power of good friendships in my life. And the right ones are a blessing which can feed your soul.

Feed your soul with lasting friendships

A few years ago, my skin was at its worst, so bad that I didn’t even recognise myself. It was awful I isolated myself, ignoring calls and texts. But if there’s one thing I beg of you, it’s please don’t do that yourself. It doesn’t matter how you look: good friends are caring and kind and just want to help you through your pain.

Once I decided to talk to my friends about how much eczema was taking over my life, it was a breakthrough moment for me. I no longer felt alone. I went to boarding school, so most of my closest friends live all over the world. Even though they couldn’t relate to what I was going through, to have their caring ear over a Skype call meant everything to me (thank God for technology).

A special few gave me the fighting spirit I needed to battle my skin disease and, well, look at where I am today.

I’m so lucky to have a close-knit group of wonderful people in my life, women and men with completely different personalities. No, they aren’t all gym bunnies, green juice drinkers or health enthusiasts like me, but they sure keep me balanced. I love them because they pull my mind out of my condition and they understand if I don’t want to do something because of my skin.

Some of my friends love a good night out dancing and staying up late. Others would rather pamper, do yoga and cook up a healthy dinner with me. I love them all and am very grateful for my time spent with them.

I find people fascinating, which is why I love doing what I do. I adore meeting new people and telling them my story, my passions, my dreams and enjoy hearing them talk about their history and passions, too. I want to connect, relate to and inspire people, at the same time getting back just as much as I give. A great way to meet new friends is to book onto a course or exercise class where you’re likely to meet like-minded people. And if you’re feeling a bit lonely, the best way to increase your friendship circle is to just put yourself out there again.

Feeling alone, shameful, isolated, like nobody understands?

First of all, try not to worry I know how it feels because I felt like that too. But you are not alone. I am here, your online sidekick and I’m not going anywhere. Believe me, I get what it’s like to look in the mirror and not want anyone to see you.

But guess what? People care more about how they look themselves than how you do. Also, it may sound like a cliché, but a good heart is more beautiful than anything on the outside. Ask yourself, what do you remember most about people? How they look, or how they make you feel? Be a good person and if you can, make people laugh. Your friends will love you for it and they will give back the good feeling you give them.

Above all, remember most people are fighting a battle alone that you probably don’t know anything about. Once you share your fears, you give people the courage to do the same. There is something very healing about sharing your vulnerability, and something very appealing to others. Good friends feed your soul... and you deserve it.


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Lots of love, Camille xx

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