Giving thanks: why it’s so important

7 November 2018

I love the US Thanksgiving tradition. The concept of ‘giving thanks’ is one that is really important to me, especially during eczema flare ups.

It might sound odd to say I’m thankful for a flare up! Of course I’d rather never have one ever again! But my eczema pops up every now and then as a reminder to me that I need more care.

Why I give thanks to my eczema

As you know by now, I see the beauty in eczema. So much so that I called my book The Beauty of Eczema™! Instead of seeing it as an affliction, I see it as a blessing. And do you know something? Having a positive attitude and learning to say ‘thank you’ to my body makes such a difference to the way I feel on the inside, regardless of what my skin is doing! And keeping a gratitude journal is a great way of doing this.

For me, eczema is my own personal red flag, the warning sign saying Camille, slow down! Stop. Take some time out and relax. In winter, it can be especially tough living with eczema. You need lots of extra moisturiser and amplified self care, so it’s an even more important time to be grateful to our bodies.

So thank you to my eczema for telling me to take it slower in winter. To have some cosy nights in front of the fire, to switch from cooling smoothies to warming bowls of porridge. I find I prefer to stick to a routine in winter, too. Though I have a wanderlust spirit, my eczema tells me how important my home environment is during this time.

This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks. To eczema, for guiding us into living the healthiest, happiest life we possibly can.


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Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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