My fitness fashion: what works best for working out

26 August 2018

Before I begin, let me just say I’m not a fashion blogger. Someone once asked if I was and I was totally flattered, but I know I could never keep up with it! But when it comes to fitness fashion, I enjoy wearing what looks good to me and what I find comfortable.

So... having shared the different exercises I focus on, I thought it would be useful to also talk about my workout clothes for each. Different types of exercises sometimes need different clothes you need to be warm/cool enough and able to move and stretch in the right way.

Here are what I find are the best workout clothes for me:

When I’m practising yoga, it’s all about comfort, so I usually opt for a matching two-piece. I have a beautiful animal print one from Lorna Jane and a red and blue one from L’urv. I also have some gorgeous goddess flow sets from Om & Ah London, they are super comfortable and have great quotes on the clothing. If I don’t wear a matching set I’ll pop on some black or animal print leggings and a plain t-shirt my favourite is one my brother got me for Christmas from Spiritual Gangster. I like to keep cosy, so I throw on a hoodie for before and after my class.

HIIT/PT session
Okay, there’s no escaping the fact I’ll get hot and sweaty doing these workouts, so I go for minimalistic choices like shorts or cropped leggings. I do have some matching sets but more often than not I throw any on with a sports bra and a t-shirt or tank top. Depending on my mood I’ll either be all in black or bright and colourful! As it’s mainly an indoor workout, I don’t need too much grip so I just go for light trainers.

My clothes are similar to those I wear for a HIIT session, but for this I do need trainers with better grip. As I like to run long distances outdoors, I always wear a fluorescent waterproof jacket so I stand out to drivers, especially when it’s dark. When it comes to headphones,
I either wear my Beats or my iPhone in-ear headphones with a sweatband to keep them in place.

Home workout
Ha ha now it’s confession time! Sometimes I do yoga flows in my PJs, underwear or any old mismatched clothing. I’m not on show and I’d much rather focus on getting a workout in than be too concerned with what I am wearing, as you’d realise if you could see me!

Remember, it’s really not about how stylish you look when you’re working out, but how good you feel afterwards. Having said that, a fab new workout outfit or a pair of trainers can motivate you as you want to wear them all the time! I am that girl that tries to get away with wearing gym gear whenever I can!


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