Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information on the skincare products?
I want you to understand everything that goes into the skincare range, so I have dedicated a whole skincare FAQ page to answer your questions! I have also created an inci list decoder to give more insight to the ingredients and really break it all down for you to simpler terms with names you’re already familiar with.

How does diet and lifestyle impact sensitive and dry?
Remember, everyone’s skin is different. While some people are happy to control their condition using creams and lotions from the doctor, others find they need to make adjustments to what they eat and drink, and how they live. There are certain foods which are known to make your skin worse, and your lifestyle really does make a difference too much stress and not enough sleep can play havoc with your skin. I know because I’ve been there!

How do I take care of my skin?
First, don’t panic! Second, take a deep breath and remember your body is your friend. SLOW DOWN. Listen to your body. Do you need more sleep? To nourish yourself better? To get some stress support? I turn to my HOPE principles and see what I need to focus on the most to gain control again. You can do this too! Check out my book for more support.