Exercise with friends... the best way to keep your fitness resolutions

2 October 2019

I love to exercise. And I love my friends. So add the two together, and you get exercise with friends! I mean, who doesn’t love spending time with their buddies? But so often it’s a case of meet for lunch, meet for coffee, meet for drinks. And if you’re like me, with friends scattered to the four corners of the world, it’s often meet on FaceTime!

Why should I exercise with friends?

Because lovelies, it’s all about, the HOPE Principles remember? E is for exercise and there’s also S is for support. (So the acronym is HOPES really!) Having a workout partner is a great way to make sure you actually go to the gym or yoga class if you’re meeting someone, you won’t want to let them down.

It’s also a brilliant way to mix things up. I love to workout with my best friend Gemma, and she loves to workout with me. Because we both like different types of exercise and we encourage each other to try new things. I could run forever and I love cardio and she is very focused on strength and weight training and toning. She motivates me to add new things into my workout and hopefully I do the same for her! So if a friend suggests trying a boxing class or checking out the new yoga studio, do yourself a favour and say yes. I always find it’s easier to walk into a room with somebody I know, and you’re less likely to feel self conscious.

Me and my friends always try to focus on the real importance of exercise, which for us is mental health. Being with friends makes you feel happier and more in control.

Remember, when you feel mentally better your body produces positive chemicals, which is good for your immune system. It’s the beauty of life, the beauty of exercise and the beauty of sensitive skin... feeling good, being empowered, staying strong.

Spending time with people that make you feel good is a surefire way to lifting your spirits. If you don’t feel like the gym, go for a walk together, or a swim. It doesn’t have to be a power workout or a competition. Just enjoying each other’s company and staying physically active, simple things that can make a massive difference to your wellbeing.

You’re stronger together...

Having a gym buddy or exercise partner is also a fabulous way to monitor your progress. If there’s something you’re trying to master, they can see how hard your working and celebrate your successes with you. Again, I’m not talking about running a marathon necessarily but maybe it’s swimming an extra two lengths every week, or shaving a couple of minutes off your run time.

Get together in a group

There are some great social benefits to exercise, too. You don’t just need to pick one person to be your workout partner. Team sports are a good way to get a group of you together a game of volleyball in the park or a tennis tournament. Or perhaps you and your friend could join in a team sport together, like sign up to play football or soccer if you’re in the USA? This is a good way to extend your social circle, too, as you’ll be meeting lots of lovely likeminded people, and sports events often lead to social occasions.

What type of exercise do you like to do, and how do you and your friends support each other? I’d love to know @camilleknowles


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