My eczema skincare routine

3 October 2018

Getting a good eczema skincare routine can really help you to manage your condition. I’ve developed a great morning routine that really energises my body, and I’d like to share it with you.

My morning eczema skincare routine

First off, I have a hot shower using all-natural products with a quick blast of cold water at the end (it’s not as bad as it sounds!)

When I’m dry I moisturise myself all over. This is when I do my daily gratitude to my body, thanking my skin. If I’m having a flare up I give it extra love these are the days in particular you need a boost.

Then I turn my attention to my feet, rubbing my soles with my favourite essential oil, wild orange to keep them soft and supple. After that it’s teeth and tongue I really recommend a tongue cleaner, they’re brilliant!

When I’m picking what to wear for the day I make sure to choose clothes that make me feel good. Some days I go make-up free, other days I use a light, natural make-up.

It’s not a long or complicated routine, but it always makes me feel good and ready to start my day.

In the evening, it’s all about relaxing and winding down

I love to soak in my ‘skin nourishing’ bath with a handful of Dead Sea salts or Epsom salts, castor oil and a drop of lavender essential oil. A little tip here: add some superfood powders to give the water a natural colour, and try adding a few flowers too, for extra natural perfume. Sometimes I just like to lie and think, other times I meditate.

Then it’s time for more moisturising, which I do every night, and put some more essential oils on my feet (avoid this if you have broken skin).

I repeat my gratitude routine from the morning. Then I often do a facemask: either a natural one I’ve made myself, or try out a new one from my favourite brands. I also love to do some yoga in the evening, before enjoying a calming magnesium drink, lighting some incense and reading one of my favourite inspirational books. It all helps me drift off into a peaceful, relaxing sleep.

Some of my favourite products

The best moisturiser for eczema contains natural moisturising ingredients, such as mango butter, olive leaf oil and shea butter. Other calming anti-inflammatory ingredients include camomile oil and calendula, so look out for those.

Shampoo and conditioner... Green People and ‘Infuse my Colour’
Body wash... Weleda Rose or my homemade DIY product
Body moisturiser... Hope’s Relief moisturising location, Nature’s Aid Aloe Vera Gel
Facewash... Espa Pro-Cleanser or my home-made one
Face moisturiser... Collagen Gold by Higher Nature or Weleda Rose, Espa or Weleda Day and Night Cream
Face toner... Rose water
Toothpaste... Aloe Dent
Coconut oil pulling... Jax Coco
Treatments... Dead Sea salts and castor oil in the bath.
Face masks... Charcoal, Dead Sea mud mask, home-made ones
Make-up... Bare Minerals/Inika brands: foundation powder, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick. I don’t use any foundation as I feel it clogs up my skin but occasionally use Arbonne CC cream.
Essential oils... doTERRA

Getting into a simple morning and evening routine has been a really big part of my healing process. I’d love to hear what your routines are, so please get in touch.


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Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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