Eczema on scalp, finding relief and a natural eczema shampoo

3 April 2019

Are you having a good hair day? It’s bit of a cliché but don’t you think a ‘bad hair day’ can make you feel really grumpy? To be honest, unless I have gone to the hairdresser, I live with consistent bed hair. I have no idea how to actually style it, so I embrace the messy beach look! But if you have eczema on scalp, it can really turn it into a bad hair day.

Yes realistically our hair doesn’t really look that different from day to day. As ever, it’s so often just related to how we see ourselves in the mirror and how we’re feeling on the inside. I doubt very much people I see regularly think:

“OMG Camille’s hair looks awesome today” or “OMG Camille’s hair looks awful today”! Do you know why? Because they’re too busying worrying about their own hair!

Eczema on scalp... finding a natural eczema shampoo

I talk about skincare a lot, for obvious reasons as I run an eczema-related business. But haircare is important, too. Not just so you can swish it about and feel amazing, but of course that’s a big part of it! For some people, a dry, itchy scalp can be awful. I know how horrible it feels to be scratching at my arms and legs when I have a flare-up. But scratching at your head is equally awful, whether it’s eczema related or not.

And what happens is the same perpetual issue that comes from scratching at your skin. You get the urge to scratch, so you scratch, it feels amazing so you scratch some more, then you start to notice your skin is flaking. On your body this manifests as red, raw skin, but on your scalp you notice flakes of dry, dead skin dandruff. And this can make you feel really self conscious it can fall onto your clothes and you are just so damn aware of the stuff the whole time.

So as I’ve learnt anything like this that makes you feel less than awesome needs tackling head on (no pun intended!). If you have it and it doesn’t bother you then that’s brilliant. But if you feel your itchy scalp is getting you down and you want it to do one then girl what are you waiting for?! You know you’ve got this!

Here’s what I recommend Hope’s Relief. Their range is made from all-natural ingredients and is specially designed for people suffering from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

And their Scalp Care range is designed to care for your hair and scalp without stripping it of oils or moisture.

Start off by washing your hair with their Itchy Flaky Scalp Shampoo, which is perfect for soothing your itchy scalp, cleansing your hair at the same time. Follow it up with a liberal coating of Itchy Flaky Scalp Conditioner, which contains lovely natural ingredients like Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera, wonderful for hydrating. For an extra-deep treatment leave the conditioner on for a while before rinsing, to really let it nourish your hair.

Sometimes I like to just give my hair a rub with a towel and then let it dry au naturel, especially if I’m in a warm climate. If I’m in a hurry or going to an event I’ll give it a blast with the hairdryer and a quick shot on the cool setting to seal in the shine.

So there you go lovelies, next time you find yourself scritching and scratching at your head it’s your sign that it’s time to give your hair a treat. Using products with natural ingredients really is the way forward for us eczema warriors, and it’s all about nourishing your scalp as well has having lovely shiny swishy hair.


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Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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