Dealing with an eczema flare up - My 10 Top Tips

23 September 2018

Having an eczema flare up can seem like a bit of a blow at first but with my 10 top tips you’ll soon restore balance and get back on track. I’ve had a pretty constant battle with eczema, ending up in hospital in 2013 after a massive outbreak. This was really my trigger to turn my life around and learn how to take control of the condition, instead of letting it control me. As it’s National Eczema Awareness Week 17-24 Sept, I wanted to share with you how I manage a flare up.

An eczema flare up... my top 10 tips for how to cope

I feel and look so much better most people wouldn’t even know I have eczema and I’m often told I have such glowing skin! Which is great. But the truth is, I still get an eczema flare up now and then. These can be due to stress, poor weather, exhaustion, stress, too much alcohol, poor diet, stress... yes, stress is usually the case, I’m a real worrier!

So to help me manage my eczema, I’ve introduced some stress-management techniques into my daily life. Of course I’m not perfect who is?! and I don’t always stick to my own plan, I push myself too much and that’s when a flare up can occur.

This used to panic me, but now I see it as a blessing. It’s a sign from my body saying ‘Slow down’ and now I listen to that little voice before it turns into a huge shout.

My top 10 tips for coping with an eczema flare up

1. Don’t panic. Okay, I know this is easier said than done. Nobody wants to see their eczema flare up but panicking will only fuel it. Instead, try to chill out and relax. Now I look at my eczema flare ups like ‘oops I haven’t been taking care of you, what do you need most right now?’ I close my eyes, take a deep breath and think about what I feel I need the most. Listen to your inner self, it knows you best.

2. Get plenty of sleep. Sometimes when I close my eyes I hear the simple message ‘I need more sleep!’ So I organise lots of early nights for that week ahead. Always aim to wind down and pamper around 8pm and to be in bed for 10pm at the latest. Just this one tip can transform my skin. I genuinely believe investing in quality sleep can be better than any skincare product on the market. Sleep is a time for our bodies to heal, so sleep, sleep, sleep.

3. Take castor oil and seasalt baths. This is almost a nightly ritual for me now, but it is even more important when my skin is flaring up. The castor oil is extremely moisturising and the seasalt contains skin-healing minerals.

4. Try collodial silver. I call this my little miracle spray. Before you start researching this and think I am advising a product that could turn you blue, please check out this page for all safety information I like to keep this spray on me at all times. I use it as a hand sanitiser and when my eczema flares up I use it on the open cuts to make sure they are kept sterile and clean. It’s an ancient remedy that was used before penicillin came around. Like with lots of things, it might not work for everyone, but it works miracles for me.

5. Reduce your exposure to technology. This is a difficult one in today’s world, especially if you work in an office is your life or you’re a blogger like me. But as soon as you finish work, turn your phone off when you leave for the day and get out in nature, read a book, do a yoga flow, cook... anything that makes you feel more alive and connected to the world. If you are a blogger, why not hand write your blogs and type them up later? That’s what I did with this blog. It felt so freeing to be away from my computer for a little while and my skin is thanking me, too.

6. Slow down and clear your head. This goes hand in hand with the more sleep and less technology tips. Slowing down can be as simple as adding in an evening meditation instead of watching television. Give yourself the time to empty your mind from the stresses of the day into a more peaceful state. There is a fantastic app called ‘Head Space’ which is a simple way to start meditating and you don’t have to be spiritual to follow it. I personally enjoy burning incense, pulling out my yoga mat and following my favourite apps.

7. Listen to feel-good music. Instead of waking up and looking down at your skin thinking how miserable it makes you feel, bounce out of bed, play your favourite song and dance in front of the mirror loving every ounce of your body, with or without eczema. Your eczema doesn’t define you, so don’t let it define your day.

8. Nourish yourself. It makes good sense to treat your eczema from the inside out. During a flare up I increase my intake of hot water and lemon, limit my coffee to an absolute minimum, feed myself lots of green veggies, lean fish/chicken and drink lots of cold pressed juices, as this works for me.

9. Take supplements. Firstly, I’m not qualified to tell you what you should personally be taking. But I have found taking a zinc supplement and a probiotic can really help my skin, especially during a flare up. I’d recommend getting checked to see if you are deficient in any vital minerals. I had mine done at Bio Lab in London, which is expensive, but if you are desperate like I was five years ago then it’s priceless information that could really help.

10. Say your daily affirmations. It is important to believe you are well and healed before you are. Focus on positivity over negativity, especially during a flare up. I will look into the mirror, straight into my eyes, and say ‘I am well’, ‘I am healed’, ‘my skin is beautiful’ and kiss my wounds. Learn to love yourself like you wish the world loved you. You will know what words you need to heal more than anyone, write them down and declare them to yourself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my top 10 tips on how to deal with a flare up. Do let me know if any of them have helped you in any way, I would love to hear from you!


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