Creating a brand... how I chose my branding

9 August 2018

Creating a brand is something I’ve always wanted to do. Every day I see great brands I love, but now I’ve started in business myself I’ve realised the huge amounts of work that go in to creating a brilliant brand. That’s why I’d like to share with you some of the secrets and meanings behind my own branding and I’m so happy with how it’s all turned out!

How to brand your business

Loving my logo

Funny story guys. When I was about 12 years old I was sitting an English exam at high school. I’d finished early and was thinking of ways to gain more marks on my essay. So being creative, I drew a heart over every single letter ‘I’ on my essay. It still makes me chuckle to this day, how I thought making my essay look prettier would somehow up my grades!

I was convinced I’d aced my exam but to my despair I found out I’d failed due to my creative input. ‘This isn’t correct English, Camille, you’ll need to resit this paper.’ Sigh.

But it clearly didn’t get to me too much, as I always draw a heart over an ‘I’ whenever I get a chance and it simply made sense to do this with my branding. It may not be technically correct... but it’s my personality shining through. I’ll be avoiding using it on anything too serious though, like legal letters.

Finding my font

Wow, the font changed so many times before I finally settled on one. I chose it as it resonated most with my own handwriting, slightly messy yet creative. It has a strong, empowering feel with a personal touch of the pen stroke. Again, with the typography, it’s freehand, it’s me!

Choosing my colours

This was difficult. Especially when my favourite colours change depending on what day it is, yes, I am that indecisive! However, the colours I’ve chosen feel beyond right. After a year of working on my branding, it all just seems to fit.

  • Pink... represents girl power, and is the colour of love and positivity and all things warm in my eyes.
  • Green... I love nature and having plants in my house, from jungles leaves to cacti (you’d think I lived abroad). Most are fake because I’m not great at keeping plants alive, don’t judge me! I will get better when I own my little beach shack one day.
  • Gold... speaking of the beach, gold represents a touch of luxury as well as the glow from the sun.
  • Black and white... classic monochrome to keep my brand sophisticated and elegant, while also contrasting against the bright colours.
  • Tan... this colour makes me think of a sandy beach, sun-kissed skin and everything earthy in a warm climate.
  • Blue... the colour of the salty sea and the beautiful sky. I just had to add a touch of it somewhere!

Weaving my website

Finally, the website, it’s scattered and arty like the scrapbooks I would make growing up. I think it is so important to express yourself creatively and never lose sight of what you enjoyed doing as a kid. No subjects at school really grasped my attention like sport and art did, so instead of revising, I would spend countless hours in my parents’ dining room creating scrapbooks. They were full of colour, always handmade and nothing was neatly cut out.

I always said I’d have my very own room dedicated to all things creative when I buy my own home. Maybe I’ll add that to my beach home mood board...

So now you know why it has taken me so long to put my wellness business out into the world! I didn’t quite know what to expect going into the process of self-branding, but it was all worth it. I love the end result of the decisions I’ve made and I hope you do too.


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Lots of love, Camille xx

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