Building confidence in children... why a kids’ journal is so important

11 December 2019

What you may not know is that journalling is great for building confidence in children.

I work hard, and I’m so lucky to have all you warriors behind me supporting me all the way. I get to travel the world and visit some amazing places, and I have a wonderful partner and brilliant friends and family. Love love love you all.

But that’s not to say I think I’ve got everything wrapped up. I’m still learning, every day, new techniques to help me get more from my life, new ideas, new things to try. And I don’t think I’ll ever stop after all, there are always ways to keep on enriching your life. I’ll admit, I still have days when I feel scared, putting on a brave front but feeling confused inside.

Positive Scribes for building confidence in children

Which is why I wanted to find an opportunity to work with, help and hopefully inspire children and young people through my business.

Chorley Youth Zone, known as ‘Inspire’ is a place for local young people aged 8-19, and up to 25 for those with disabilities, to gather and enjoy some really fantastic facilities. It offers a safe but fun haven for them, offering all kinds of brilliant activities and helping them to make new friends, learn different skills, and boost their confidence and self esteem.

The Beauty of EczemaTM gifted 90 hardback Positive Scribes Journals to Inspire. For me, it was a really great way to put some positivity back into the community, inspiring the next generation and giving these young people the chance to learn about the HOPE principles. Yes, I initially devised these as a way to help heal sensitive skin which they are perfect for but they are also a wonderful set of principles for everyone to follow.

It can be a tough world to grow up in right now, and as children grow into teenagers there’s such a lot to cope with school, exams, hormones, friendships, social media that it’s no surprise that many find themselves getting stressed, worried or anxious at times. Inspire has recently launched it’s ‘Let’s Talk’ project, to help their members improve their emotional health and wellbeing, and I wanted the journals to offer a practical way to support them in this project.

The journals are kept in the ‘Be Transformed’ room. This room is just perfect. There are affirmations on the walls, mirrors and hairdressing stuff for some relaxation and pampering, and butterflies on the wall to show the metamorphosis from a caterpillar. Every warrior’s dream! You know I love a butterfly metaphor, and I use in in the first part of my book, The Beauty of EczemaTM.  I really hope that the young people can get as much as I do from journalling it’s changed my life, to be honest, and I wouldn’t be without my journal these days. The benefits of journalling are huge, it really is a great kind of therapy.

Special thanks to Chief Executive Janine Blythe and Head of Fundraising Karen Hunter for being so enthusiastic to the idea of offering journals to their members.

If you’d like your own Positive Scribes journal then you can get one here.

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