Best supplements for sensitive skin warriors...

21 August 2019

Lots of people ask me what I think are the best supplements for sensitive skin warriors, or vitamins for sensitive skin which could help. Keeping ourselves in tip-tip condition is the best way to get glowing, clear skin. I love to eat healthily, but occasionally I need a little help. So I thought I’d tell you a little about the supplements I take and how I think they help. Again, please note, I am not telling you to take these supplements, merely sharing with you what has worked for me so you can work with your doctor/naturopath/nutritionist on what may work for you.

Of course, these aren’t a replacement for healthy eating. There’s no point taking a load of supplements but not looking after your diet. And you know by diet I mean your intake of food, not depriving yourself of food. Sometimes, though, we need a little boost.

The best supplements for sensitive skin warriors... what I take

I start every morning with a probiotic. It’s really important to me to keep my gut in good shape I know gut is a funny word and makes you think of a big beer belly! But it’s all about replenishing our good bacteria, giving our body’s the best health defence and keeping our immune systems up. I talk about my gut quite a lot, so I just thought I’d better clear up any misunderstandings!

When I remember (which I don’t always!) I like to have a digestive enzyme with each meal, as it helps with, well, digestion! We have our own natural digestive enzymes, but I do find these help, especially if I’m having a flare up and need as much support as possible for my skin.

Zinc is one of our essential nutrients, but not one which we produce naturally, so we need to find it in our foods. And it’s important for so many things, including boosting our immune systems and healing of wounds, that this really is the vital one. Five years ago I found out I was 20% deficient and I’ve made it my mission to redress this. You don’t really find it in many plant-based foods, which is mainly why I include meat/seafood in my diet, and taking a supplement helps me keep topped up, too.

At risk of sounding like a chemistry lesson, magnesium is another big favourite of mine. It helps regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, and muscle and nerve function, along with a whole host of other important processes. I mainly take it to calm myself before bed. I prefer to have a powder drink as these work better for me than tablets, and make an extremely tasty drink before bed! My favourites are the Natural Calm brand.

Another evening supplement I sometimes take is a Triphala Plus by Pukka. These help to maintain regularity, which is vital for keeping your body free of toxins. It also supports digestion and absorption, rejuvenates tissues and is a natural antioxidant. Pretty good huh?!

And finally, if I’m feeling stressed out then I find milk thistle to be my saviour, as it seems to help me bounce back more quickly from flare ups. Plus if I decide to drink alcohol it’s great for supporting my skin.

So there you have it, my own little supplement regime. What’s yours, if you have one? Do let me know @camilleknowles.

Do not take any supplements I write about without consulting a qualified doctor, naturopath or nutritionist.


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