The best fitness apps: my top workout apps

12 August 2018

Using a fitness app is a brilliant and easy way of reaching your goals. I use three one for
an intensive body weight HIIT session, another for yoga and stretching out all the kinks, and one for my running. And I’d like to share what I consider to be the best fitness apps with you today...

Discover the best fitness apps for your workout

Kayla Istines Sweat HIIT circuit training

These workouts are just under half an hour, with really easy-to-follow instructions. I love
that there are two sets of four different types of exercise, as the constant change stops you from getting bored, plus you can choose to focus on arms, legs, abs or full body.

This is one of my top workout apps to use either at home or at the gym you only need light weights (or you can just use your own body weight) and believe me, by the end you can feel you’ve worked every muscle!

It’s not just exercise, either. There’s a supportive community you can join through the app, and it also provides a food plan for each day winner if you’re a but unsure about nutrition.

Asana Rebel yoga

Thanks to this fabulous app I can do a yoga flow anywhere in the world without having to book a class. This means I can do it at whatever time suits me best usually early mornings or evening.

There are a range of flows: for stress, travel, runners, morning, evening... you’re guaranteed to find one to suit you, plus you can choose from a 6-30 minute flow.

The instructions are so easy to follow and you don’t need any equipment a yoga mat is helpful but even that isn’t essential.

Strava running

This is one of the best exercise apps it really gives you everything you need to enjoy your run. You can find routes in your area and try to beat the record time, measure how long you spend running, track routes for future reference, and connect and follow your running friends and congratulate them on their progress.

You can even share photos from your runs it really has everything!

I find these three apps really help me to keep on track of my fitness goals and mix things up nicely. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting an insight to what I use - let me know what works for you and if you have any other apps you would recommend. I can’t wait to hear back from you!


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