The benefits of yoga, types of yoga and why I’ve learned to love it...

24 July 2019

Rewind five years and no matter how many people told me about the benefits of yoga I was just convinced that it wasn’t for me. While I’ve always thought of myself as spiritual person, the thought of anything slow paced like yoga just left me cold. I was into running, extreme fitness classes, and I really couldn’t grasp how anything as slow as yoga could benefit my body.

Starting to discover the benefits of yoga

A few years ago I had an injury and so couldn’t run for a while. I found I was getting anxiety from not moving my body as much as I was used to. A friend convinced me into a yoga class, but it took me ages and ages to get into it. Then I found an amazing teacher and I discovered that while Hatha yoga is quite slow, I’m definitely a Vinyasa girl.

And for you all gym bunnies out there who think yoga isn’t tiring, try a Vinyasa class and you’ll soon think otherwise! It’s incredible, you’re stretching and moving and flowing quite quickly. I always leave the class on a serious high. At the gym it was all about run run run, sweat sweat sweat and I’d leave exhausted. But after yoga, while I feel very worked out, I feel really zen at the same time.

Yoga has been around for centuries and originated in India. It focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing, and you go through a series of postures during your workout. It can really help to strengthen your body, boost your flexibility and improve your balance. Plus, you don’t need any previous experience or to be at a certain level of fitness perfect!

The different types of yoga

Hatha is good for beginners, as it’s more slow paced

Vinyasa is much faster, more athletic, and you move quite quickly from one pose to the next

Ashtanga is quite demanding Vinyasa is actually adapted from it so it’s not really for beginners but great if you are really into yoga

Iyenga is all about controlled breathing, holding poses for a long time, there’s not a lot of movement but you feel great afterwards

Bikram yoga is sometimes called hot yoga, because you get very sweaty! You perform the postures in a room that’s pretty much like a sauna. I don’t personally like this type of yoga as it makes my skin feel very uncomfortable.

Yoga yoga everywhere

As you can gather, yoga has now become a huge part of me living my life beyond sensitive skin and I do it everywhere I go, wherever I am in the world, I just pull out my mat. It’s my time for me, and helps me really focus.

I’d always recommend a class, at least to begin with, as it helps having other people around and a teacher to guide you. You can find classes and teachers here:

The main UK yoga associations are:

If you really love yoga then you might decide you want to go on a retreat. These are a great way to really get back to yourself, with no work, jobs or distractions. You’ll be in a beautiful destination for a few days, with other likeminded people, the food is always delicious and you come away feeling as if you’re floating!

Some wellness cafés now include yoga classes as part of their offering too, so take a look at your local places to see what they run.

If you wanted to practise yoga at home or need something for if you’re away then I love the Asana Rebel app. But like I say, a class is always best to really get the deepest experience.

So lovelies, grab a mat and try it out. Don’t forget to let me know how you get on @camilleknowles.


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