The benefits of drinking water... your route to healthy, hydrated skin

28 August 2019

Most of us know about the benefits of drinking water and we’re always hearing about eight glasses or two litres a day being the best amount. But, hands up, how many of you actually do it?

It’s something that everyone needs to do to keep their health in tip-top condition. But for us sensitive skin warriors, it’s extra important to keep our skin hydrated and glowing.

The benefits of drinking water

Believe me, there are lots! First and foremost for anyone with sensitive skin, it will help to keep flare ups at bay and is great for skin hydration. You probably moisturise your skin to stop it from drying out, so think of this as hydrating from the inside.

You’ll also feel more lively and energetic, and you’ll be keeping your digestive system in good working order. If you’re prone to headaches, staying hydrated will help, and you’ll be keeping your joints nice and lubricated.

In short, water is magic! Being dehydrated can cause you all kinds of unpleasant symptoms, so it really is worth keeping yourself topped up. And remember, it’s completely calorie free! There’s not many things I could write that about. But if you choose water over and above sugary, fizzy drinks then you’ll be doing your waistline and your teeth some favours too.

That’s the why. Now we need to look at the how

Because on a practical basis, if you’re at work every day sometimes it’s more tempting to mainline the coffee, right?!

Well, personally I try to avoid the caffeine as it can cause my skin to flare up, but I’m not telling you not to have a cup of coffee. What I’m saying is that the benefits of drinking more water will soon be apparent in your skin health.

Try not to get too bogged down with eight glasses. How big’s a glass anyway?! Two litres is recommended each day, but drinking some water is better than drinking no water. I start every single day with a glass of hot water and lemon, it gets me zinging and ready for the day ahead. Seriously, I couldn’t be without it these days!
Cucumber water is lovely, too, it’s really refreshing particularly on a hot day. So if you think you want a little bit of oomph in your glass of water, don’t be afraid to experiment with sliced fruit for a yummy aromatic infusion.

Try setting your alarm as a reminder. Why not set an alert for every hour to remind you to drink some water. If you work at a desk, it’s a good excuse to get up and walk about a bit too, instead of hunching over your computer for hours on end. It’s all about creating good habits once you get into the routine of sipping water throughout the day it’ll soon be second nature.

Go for refillable. I like to carry my reusable bottle with me everywhere I go, and when it’s run out I can simply top up and carry on. We all want to do our bit for the planet so try not to use the single-use plastic bottles if possible.

Drink it between alcoholic drinks. Now us sensitive skin tribe don’t like hangovers as they’re bad for our skin, so keeping the drinking light does help. If you’re at an event or a party, keep topping up your water glass in between alcohol. You could add also try having half wine and half soda water for a refreshing spritzer.

Have you got any tips for how to stay hydrated? I’d love to hear them so let me know @camilleknowles


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