Behind the scenes at a photoshoot

16 October 2019

Today I’d like to take you behind the scenes at a photoshoot. I’m lucky enough with my job to have professional photos taken for my business, plus I’ve been doing more press lately since my book The Beauty of Eczema ™ was launched. Exciting times!

Going behind the scenes at a photoshoot...

A big photoshoot I did recently was in Manchester, for the Daily Mail. I must admit lovelies that I was pretty nervous about being featured in a national newspaper, especially as I knew they were also going to use ‘before’ pictures of me absolutely covered in sensitive skin. But I also knew the whole point was to show the difference my HOPE principles have made and I had to be prepared to show my skin at its worst, as well as at its best.

This was the first time I’d ever done anything on such a large scale. And I was rushing about so much I didn’t even have time to do a yoga flow or my meditation to calm me down! But normally before any kind of big event I’d carve out some time to really relax and settle my nerves.

Although my hair and makeup were done on the shoot I still wanted to prep my skin. I used a Macho & Bling anti pollution face scrub, followed by a Trilogy rosehip moisturising cream. I added a bit of CC cream just for a bit of a glow, followed by a brush of Inika mattifying powder and a spritz of rose perfume on my clothes. That helped me to feel lovely and fresh and ready to go...

... well almost! I also needed to fuel up. For breakfast I opted for a turmeric shot which is really good for glowing skin a green juice and a coconut latte. Then just before the shoot I had some sushi and kombucha.

The shoot itself was super exciting, everyone was so professional and it was amazing to have my hair styled and my make-up done by their team of artists. The feature they wrote was really positive and even though I was featured in my high state of sensitive skin, the pics they took at the photoshoot showed just how much difference my new approach to life has made.

My at-home photoshoots

I also sometimes do photoshoots at my house, to get images for my blogs, Instagram and promotional material for my business. This is great fun as really it means I’m surrounded by friends, who are my team of make-up and hair artists and photographer. This is always such a good laugh, it really doesn’t feel like work.

It’s a great opportunity to experiment with some different looks. In my everyday life I don’t tend to wear much make-up, and when I do I generally prefer a natural look. But for a photoshoot it can be nice to try a stronger look once in a while, perhaps some darker brows or a brighter lip colour. It’s all about mixing it up lovelies, and seeing what suits you. It’s good to get outside your comfort zone sometimes, so if you’ve never tried experimenting with looks and colour then I’d really recommend it. You’ll be surprised at what you discover.

Anyway lovelies, while having a photoshoot might seem all very glamourous I get nervous just like anyone else and putting my photo out there is actually quite a big step for me. I do always show myself with sensitive skin too, so if you’re having a flare up or feeling down, remember a photoshoot is done by professionals with all the right equipment and lighting. I’ve been up, I’ve been down, I’ve been up again... and I’m with you all the way as you take your journey beyond sensitive skin.

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