The Beauty of Eczema is now my eczema e-book!

14 August 2019

So you probably know that last year I launched my first book The Beauty of Eczema™. And I’m really excited to announce that it’s now available as an eczema e-book, for a limited time only at $1.99, or £1.99.

What do you get with your eczema e-book?

As well as your The Beauty of Eczema™ book, you get three brilliant bonuses with the e-book again this will be for a limited period so get your pre orders in now!

  • A 4-week digital Positive Scribes Journal
  • 3 x uniquely designed positive affirmation phone wallpapers
  • 3 x special recipes from my NEW cookbook launching this autumn! (Watch this space lovelies, it’ll be full of fabulous food for glowing skin).

So girl if you need some holiday reading for your kindle with a few extras then you’ve come to the right place! I love to journal and if you’ve never tried it then give it a go, I think you’ll love it too! Putting down all your thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams on paper and into words is a brilliant way to sort through some of the clutter in your mind. It helps you set goals that are easy to achieve, figure out areas you might need to take a different direction in and above all to really get to know yourself, from the inside out.

And affirmations are a bit part of my life too. It’s not about pretending everything is fine all the time. But it’s about learning to focus on the positives, and if things aren’t all okay then you can trick your mind into thinking they are, affirmations really are that powerful.

A tough journey...

Writing the book was a big personal journey, as I had to revisit some of my toughest times. As you know, because you’re an eczema warrior too, having eczema affects you from the inside out. It’s really difficult to be a happy, confident, positive person when you’re itching, scratching, waking up bleeding... believe me, I understand.

But I wanted to put it all down into words to share some of the new techniques I’ve learned along the way. It didn’t just happen overnight, there was lots of trial and error, lots of tears, lots of times I wanted to just give up and let my eczema win. Believe me, I’ve been at the lowest of low ebbs and I know how much this condition can start to take over all aspects of your life. You don’t want to go out, you don’t want to see anyone, you don’t want to do anything, what’s the point in exercising... it’s a downwards spiral.

For me, when I was at my worst I was waking up with my sheets covered in blood, I was in unbearable pain and when I tried to find support online all I could find were other people in the same boat, all looking for help.

Finding HOPE

My methods encompass my HOPE principles Home, Optimism, Purpose, Pampering, Eating Well, Exercise, Ecotherapy and in my book I explain how you can harness these every single day to help yourself feel, and look better.

And I love the idea of hope, because there was a time when I felt very hopeless. I promised myself that if I could find a way through then I’d write a book and share how to take your own personal journey beyond eczema.

I called it The Beauty of Eczema™ because I now view it as a blessing. I know that sounds odd, but my eczema has forced me to eat healthily, exercise properly, take time out when I need to, discover how positive affirmations and journaling can help... essentially it’s helped me become the best version of myself possible.

I’d love you to join my tribe. If you’re ready to start living a life beyond eczema, start your free membership today. You’ll get loads of tips and advice to help keep your skin healthy and glowing.

You can also discover some of the products I’ve created just for you!

I hope you enjoy my book, do let me know what you think @camilleknowles

Lots of love and positive vibes, Camille xx

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