Barbados... family time, relaxing and gorgeous, glowing skin

5 August 2018

Barbados is one of my favourite places to visit, and I wanted to share my recent trip with you guys.

If you’ve read my Why I love travelling blog you’ll have guessed I felt my eczema flaring up and my gut reaction was to get away. With my exams, building my website, creating my book, legalities and personal issues combined with rubbish weather and lack of sleep, I really craved a break.

My sister lives in New York I know, how cool! and had invited me there, but I needed somewhere quiet. So I came up with the idea of Barbados a short enough flight for her to come out for a while, and a peaceful place for me to relax and get some much-needed sunshine.

I took the nine-hour flight with Virgin Atlantic, plenty of time to relax, read and think. I sat next to such a lovely lady, who said I reminded her of Toff (the thousandth time I’ve heard this, not that I’m complaining!) We talked about life, my business and my dreams.

As I stepped off the plane, the sun was shining and I felt calmer instantly. I was staying at the hotel Crystal Cove, a beautiful family run boutique hotel with colourful villa-type rooms. As I drifted off to sleep in my ocean-view room listening to the waves, it was just what I needed.

Day one... feeling frazzled

Although I was in paradise, I found it so hard to relax I just kept thinking about work. I felt frazzled, and little insecure due to my eczema and the fact I had flown so far to be alone for four days. So I grabbed my notebook and started to journal. It’s quite sad to read how exhausted I was and I want to share this with you.

“As I look at my skin I see red patches, one can only describe the feeling as soul destroying. When I have worked so hard to overcome a skin condition and for it to come back at the time of launching a business on how I GAINED CONTROL of it is truly upsetting. This is torture, it pulls me into such a dark lonely place. It makes me doubt my efforts and I question whether I should even be creating a business centred around this thing I call the ‘beauty’ of eczema.

YES, yes you should, it will change lives, I only have a few patches of eczema and let’s face it, I know why. I can help myself and I can help millions like the 10 I have helped so far. I am not perfect, but I know the ups and downs of eczema and the effect it has on my life and lives of other people.

What is my eczema telling me, what do I need to do? Right now I know it’s my environment. Some people love the countryside, some love cities and some love the sound of the ocean, I am the latter.

I need to stop checking my emails first thing in the morning and follow my self-care routine first. A yoga flow, morning run or even journalling is what I need. Finally I need to believe in myself and enjoy the process of creating my business instead of focusing on the outcome.”

I closed my journal and instantly felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. That evening I had dinner alone, Skyped my boyfriend and went to bed early.

Days 2 and 3... feeling happier

I woke early, went to the gym and sunbathed all day, filtering through emails and working on my business... because I wanted to. I felt high on life, with my skin already beginning to clear up and starting to glow.

I did start to feel a little lonely the next day I couldn’t wait for my sister to arrive tomorrow!

Day 4... feeling full of family love

Rochelle arrived yay! We instantly went on a sister beach walk, and I was so happy to be connected with her again. We relaxed, drank tonic water and caught up on all our sisterly updates. I had a huge grin on my face all day, I’d really missed her and it was so good to see her again.

Day 5... feeling adventurous

We went to the capital, Bridgetown, and explored the markets. We then spent the rest of the day at Nikki Beach, Rochelle on espresso martinis and me on just espresso, that is how we roll! We danced the day away into the evening and even had a brilliant surprise visit from a whale jumping in the ocean, which was magical. In the evening we met up with one of Rochelle’s friends who happened to be in Barbados too. We had dinner and went to a bar where I drank hot water and lemon all night but there was no judgement from anyone. Such a friendly bunch of people.

Day 6... feeling chilled

A relaxing day for me and Shell, reading on the beach and contemplating our lives, wondering why we are living world’s apart and agreeing our next move needs to be in the same country. We had dinner at The Cliff Beach Club for our final night, feeling pretty emotional at the thought of leaving each other again. We treated ourselves to a bottle of our favourite white wine and a variation of food. WOW it was unbelievable. We left in a merry giggly state, such a magical evening.

Day 7... feeling rejuvanated

Our last day! I couldn’t bear the idea of leaving Rochelle, so we kept busy. We swam with turtles which was an experience I will treasure for life. Notice how my week got much more interesting as Rochelle arrived? She really is the life and soul of fun adventures.

We travelled to the airport together and Rochelle left first. Watching my teary-eyed older sister walk away broke my heart, but I knew she was off back to an amazing life in NYC. I am so proud to be the sister of such an independent, social soul.

I looked at my skin that I had been fretting over at the beginning of the week. My eczema had vanished, and I was glowing. Mind, body and soul. Another trip I will cherish forever.

I know I’m lucky, having the opportunity to travel the world. But just getting away for a few days anywhere away from your everyday life can really help you unwind, and your skin will love you for it, too.


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Lots of love, Camille xx

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