Alcohol awareness: why it’s important for eczema sufferers

14 November 2018

As the Christmas party season kicks in, the alcohol starts flowing. If you’re an eczema sufferer like me, alcohol awareness means taking a little extra care and putting in some planning before you party. Some people get hangovers. I get skin hangovers.

The importance of alcohol awareness at a party

It hasn’t always been the case. I’ve partied away with friends and not flared up. Then other times, I’ve gone from having glowing skin to arms full of eczema the very next day, which is traumatising to say the least. I’ve been the girl that drinks shots and the girl that hasn’t touched a drop for years. What I’ve learnt from this experience is that balance is key.

Here’s the thing. I’m not going to tell you to stay at home while all your friends are out. I’m not going to tell you to not to enjoy a drink (but do drink responsibly). Here’s what I find works for me.

When I feel calm and happy, surrounded by my friends with my eczema under control, I can enjoy a few glasses of wine or gin and tonic without any problems. But if I’m exhausted, stressed or not in good company, those same glasses can trigger a flare up. It’s about learning how to tune into your body and know what’s right for you at that moment.

If I do drink, I go for the best quality. Sugar can result in a flare up, so I avoid sweet cocktails and shots, sticking to long, clear drinks, like a gin and tonic with a slice of cucumber, or a good quality glass of wine.

If I know I’m going for drinks later, I hydrate myself during the day with lots of lemon water, and take a milk thistle tablet before and after drinking to support my liver. I also schedule some downtime for the next day for a relaxing pampering session.

So enjoy your Christmas parties but just remember to check in with yourself now and then, figure out how you’re feeling and whether that glass of wine is a good idea. Time to say goodbye to skin hangovers forever!


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